Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tried and Tested Population Policy

What is the Philippines' preferred method of family planning? Anthony Roda shares this anecdote:
In one United Nations meeting on population management, the delegates from different countries had the chance to state their population policies:

The ambassador of China said, “Your excellencies, in our country, we have a policy to STOP AT 1 CHILD.”

It was the turn of the ambassador of Singapore and he said, “We might not have a strict policy like that in China, but we STOP AT 2 CHILDREN.”

The Filipino ambassador stood and said, “In the Philippines, your excellencies, we STOP AT 4.

The other delegates were amazed, and one ambassador said, “Really? We thought that the Church is very strong in opposing population control or management policies, including that of family planning?”

The Filipino ambassador replied, “Don’t get me wrong, your excellencies. In the Philippines, we STOP AT 4 a.m. copulating.”

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