Tuesday, November 25, 2008

JDV, Front and Center

I heard parts of congressman Jose de Venecia's testimony for the impeachment hearing yesterday morning. Voice full of emotion, the former house speaker told his side of the story. He said he was in China only to play golf with the Arroyos and former COMELEC chairman Ben Abalos. If you take his words at face value, it seems as if he was only dragged into the mess like an innocent kid by a scheming pedophile. But methinks he is conveniently omitting some details as to his own liability in the whole mess.
Needless to say, it casts some doubt as to his whole testimony.
Why is JDV doing this anyway? Has he finally seen the light? Is he doing this to save face? To wash his hands a la Pontius Pilate? To claw his way back to relevancy?
Whatever his motivation is, I'm glad that JDV is speaking out and casting his support in favor of the impeachment complaint. There is nothing in his speech that we have not heard of before. But still, it's good that the people - the administration included - are reminded every so often of the sins of GMA. For one, it will put the administration on the defensive yet again. That is a good thing, given that the administration is trying to cram charter change down our throats, even if majority of Filipinos reject it. With the cha cha rejection and JDV's (non)exposé staring right at her face, *maybe* GMA will have an epiphany and decide to fade into the sunset. Exactly on June 30, 2010. Or resign before said date.
And who knows, maybe JDV might sway some of his house colleagues to vote for the impeachment, however miniscule the probability is.

Photo: Kevin Walsh, Flickr, Creative Commons


  1. he should be held accountable too.
    kasama sya dun eh. alangan namang nagpatikim lang ng "burjer" matapos silang mag golf?

  2. Yup. And he himself said that he was bribed. But I hope that this won't stop him from divulging more of the administration's stench. Nandyan na sya e. Ituloy na niya.

  3. why only now??? i'm sick and tired of all these accusations.. lies and more lies... i don't feel the sincerity in him (he's only doing this coz hindi na siya kakampi)... we all know this is going no where... it's too late.

  4. The question is: who is the biggest liar of them all? :)

  5. enteng, eh sino ba sa kanila ang sincere? :D

  6. @ P.L.S.: the BIGGEST LIAR of course is the SMALLEST PRESIDENT of this land.

    # Hector: sadly but no one. i was listening to ronaldo zamora this morning.. he seemed sincere but then again i remembered it's only because he's on the other side of the fence... all for a show.


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