Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Lost Art of Public Speaking

What about Barack Obama's victory speech, huh? Simply beautiful. Watching him deliver the speech is an even more riveting experience. Granted, he probably read from a teleprompter when he delivered the speech. But he is an outstanding orator, even without any aids or cue cards - he had proven that in the presidential debates against John McCain. A New York Times article intimates that Obama was already a great public speaker before he became a politician:
Standing in his favorite classroom in the austere main building, sharp-witted students looming above him, Mr. Obama refined his public speaking style, his debating abilities, his beliefs.
In the Philippines there are only a few orators who come to mind: Chiz Escudero, Joker Arroyo and Teddyboy Locsin. Other than those three, I can't think of anyone else. Our president definitely isn't (I am sorry speech, anyone?).
President-elect Obama's oratorical skills is even magnified when compared to the outgoing president's. Bush Jr. has got to be one of the worst speakers ever. Youtube has tons of videos showing Dubya's gaffes. The video below is just one example.


  1. It helps tremendously when one speaks from the heart and I see this man doing just that and with his oratorical skills raise it to excellence..... I see hope and change on the horizon.

  2. I agree, it makes a whole difference if one speaks straight from the heart. The fact that he is highly intelligent also helps.

  3. Obama is indeed a charismatic public speaker. During his acceptance speech in chicago, while I was watching him talk, I couldnt help but feel a sense of hope and renewed faith in what he was saying. The truth of the matter is I cried a few times and I'm not ashamed to say it. Barack Obama really is a great speaker. I have heard the former president Marcos deliver his speeches on many occassion during his term and I can say that I have never heard any politician now that has the same intensity, charisma, and intelligence the way the former president Marcos delivered his speeches. In my opinion, he is also one great public speaker.

  4. @ ate nova. Yes, Obama has that that effect on people. RE Marcos: I have watched him in videos and news clips, and yes he delivered his lines well. Imho, Ninoy was as good as, if not better than, Marcos though.


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