Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crucified Superstars

I wonder why congressman Pablo Garcia has not been struck by lightning for comparing GMA with Jesus Christ.Wendell Vigilia of Malaya reports:
REP. Pablo Garcia (Kampi, Cebu) yesterday compared President Arroyo to Jesus Christ saying she is being persecuted by the opposition based only on mere perception, the same way Pontius Pilate turned over Christ to the mob to be crucified.

"Our Lord Jesus Christ lost in the survey and he was crucified and that’s how we’re going to judge President?" he asked the committee on justice.

Traditionally, Philippine presidents' approval ratings decline right after the so-called honeymoon period. But GMA is a special case. At least her predecessors did not have negative dissatisfaction ratings. GMA has never experienced a positive net satisfaction rating since 2004. A negative dissatisfaction rating for more than 3 years - that is no fluke. And not for an arbitrary reason: she has been hounded by legitimacy and corruption issues throughout her rule.
GMA should even be thankful that she is only being crucified in the opinion polls. If Garcia and his ilk had done their jobs right, GMA would have been rightly banished from her seat and punished for her transgressions. Jesus Christ she is not.
But come to think of it, there is a similarity between the two. Jesus Christ's act of multiplying bread and fish to feed the multitude made him even more famous; GMA's act of multiplying her own votes to keep feeding congressmen made her even more infamous. 
They're comparable in that respect.
Photo: Marcelo Moura, SXC

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