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Case Digest: ALPS Transportation v. Rodriguez


G.R. No. 186732               June 13, 2013


Respondent Elpidio Rodriguez (Rodriguez) was previously employed as a bus conductor. He entered into an employment contract with Contact Tours Manpower and was assigned to work with the bus company ALPS Transportation, owned by Alfredo Perez as a sole proprietor.

During the course of his employment, Rodriguez was found to have committed irregularities on 26 April 2003, 12 October 2003, and 26 January 2005. The latest irregularity report dated 26 January 2005 stated that he had collected bus fares without issuing corresponding tickets to passengers. The report was annotated with the word "Terminate."

Rodriguez alleged that he was dismissed from his employment on 27 January 2005, or the day after the issuance of the last irregularity report. However, he did not receive any written notice of termination. He went back to the bus company a number of times, but it refused to readmit him.
Rodriguez then filed before the labor arbiter a complaint for illegal dismissal.

In response to the complaint, ALPS and Perez stated that they did not have any prerogative to dismiss Rodriguez, as he was not their employee, but that of Contact Tours.


1. Whether Rodriguez was illegally dismissed;
2. Assuming Rodriguez was illegally dismissed, whether ALPS Transportation and/or Alfredo E. Perez is liable for the dismissal.

1.     Yes
2.     Yes.

For a dismissal to be valid, the rule is that the employer must comply with both substantive and procedural due process requirements. Substantive due process requires that the dismissal must be pursuant to either a just or an authorized cause under the Labor Code. Procedural due process, on the other hand, mandates that the employer must observe the twin requirements of notice and hearing before a dismissal can be effected.

Evidence must, therefore, be substantial and not based on mere surmises or conjectures for to allow an employer to terminate the employment of a worker based on mere allegations places the latter in an uncertain situation and at the sole mercy of the employer. An accusation that is not substantiated will not ripen into a holding that there is just cause for dismissal. A mere accusation of wrongdoing or a mere pronouncement of lack of confidence is not sufficient cause for a valid dismissal of an employee. Thus, the failure of the petitioners to convincingly show that the respondent misappropriated the bus fares renders the dismissal to be without a valid cause. If doubt exists between the evidence presented by the employer and the employee, the scales of justice must be tilted in favor of the latter.

Turning to the issue of procedural due process, both parties agree that Rodriguez was not given a written notice specifying the grounds for his termination and giving him a reasonable opportunity to explain his side.

As to the contention of ALPS that Rodriguez is an employee of Contact Tours, the presumption is that a contractor is a labor-only contractor unless he overcomes the burden of proving that it has substantial capital, investment, tools, and the like. While ALPS Transportation is not the contractor itself, since it is invoking Contact Tours status as a legitimate job contractor in order to avoid liability, it bears the burden of proving that Contact Tours is an independent contractor.

However, aside from making bare assertions and offering the Kasunduan between Rodriguez and Contact Tours in evidence, ALPS Transportation has failed to present any proof to substantiate the former's status as a legitimate job contractor. Hence, the legal presumption that Contact Tours is a labor-only contractor has not been overcome.

As a labor-only contractor, therefore, Contact Tours is deemed to be an agent of ALPS Transportation. Thus, the latter is responsible to Contact Tours' employees in the same manner and to the same extent as if they were directly employed by the bus company.

Finally, since ALPS Transportation is a sole proprietorship owned by Perez, it is he who must be held liable for the payment of backwages to Rodriguez. A sole proprietorship does not possess a juridical personality separate and distinct from that of the owner of the enterprise. Thus, the owner has unlimited personal liability for all the debts and obligations of the business, and it is against him that a decision for illegal dismissal is to be enforced.

Case Digest: Mangila v. Guina

ANITA MANGILA, petitioner, vs. COURT OF APPEALS and LORETA GUINA, respondents.

G.R. No. 125027. August 12, 2002

Petitioner Anita Mangila, a resident of Pampanga, is a single proprietor exporting sea foods and doing business under the name and style of Seafoods Products. Private respondent Loreta Guina is single proprietor providing freight forwarding service doing business as Air Swift International, with office address in Pasay.
Mangila contracted the freight forwarding services of Guina for shipment of sea food products to Guam where Mangila maintains an outlet. Mangila agreed to pay Guina cash on delivery. 
On the first shipment, Mangila requested for seven days within which to pay Guina. However, for the next three shipments, Mangila failed to pay Guina the shipping charges.
Despite several demands, Mangila never paid Guina. Thus, Guina filed before the Regional Trial Court of Pasay City a case for collection of sum of money.
Mangila filed a Motion to Dismiss on the ground of improper venue. Guina’s invoice for the freight forwarding service stipulates that if court litigation becomes necessary to enforce collection, the agreed venue for such action is Makati.
Guina filed an Opposition asserting that although Makati appears as the stipulated venue, the same was merely an inadvertence by the printing press. Moreover, Guina claimed that Mangila knew that Guina was holding office in Pasay City and not in Makati.
The trial court, finding credence in private respondents assertion, denied the Motion to Dismiss and allowed the case to proceed.
The trial court thereafter ruled in favor of Guina, ordering Mangila to pay her outstanding balance.

ISSUE: W/N there was improper venue.
The case should be dismissed for improper venue, but not for the reason stated by Mangila.
Mangila raised the issue of improper venue due to the stipulation in the invoice that any litigation’s agreed venue is Makati. However,  the stipulation does not limit the venue exclusively to Makati.
Nevertheless, Pasay is not the proper venue for this case.
Under the Rules of Court, venue in personal actions is where the defendant or any of the defendants resides or may be found, or where the plaintiff or any of the plaintiffs resides, at the election of the plaintiff. The exception to this rule is when the parties agree on an exclusive venue other than the places mentioned in the rules. But, as discussed, this exception is not applicable in this case. Hence, following the general rule, the case may be brought in the place of residence of the plaintiff or defendant, at the election of the plaintiff.
In the instant case, the residence of Guina was not alleged in the complaint. Rather, what was alleged was the postal address of her sole proprietorship, Air Swift International. It was only during trial that she mentioned her residence to be in Paranaque City.  
In the instant case, it was established in the lower court that petitioner resides in San Fernando, Pampanga while private respondent resides in Paranaque City. However, this case was brought in Pasay City, where the business of Guina is found. This would have been permissible had Guina’s business been a corporation. However, as Guina admitted in her Complaint in the trial court, her business is a sole proprietorship, and as such, does not have a separate juridical personality that could enable it to file a suit in court. In fact, there is no law authorizing sole proprietorships to file a suit in court.
A sole proprietorship does not possess a juridical personality separate and distinct from the personality of the owner of the enterprise. The law merely recognizes the existence of a sole proprietorship as a form of business organization conducted for profit by a single individual and requires its proprietor or owner to secure licenses and permits, register its business name, and pay taxes to the national government. The law does not vest a separate legal personality on the sole proprietorship or empower it to file or defend an action in court.[42]

Thus, not being vested with legal personality to file this case, Air Swift International is not the plaintiff in this case but rather Loreta Guina in her personal capacity.

Case Digest: S.C. Megaworld v. Parada


G.R. No. 183804               September 11, 2013


S.C. Megaworld Construction and Development Corporation (Megaworld) bought electrical lighting materials from Gentile Industries, a sole proprietorship owned by Engineer Luis U. Parada. Megaworld was unable to pay for the above purchase on due date, but blamed it on its failure to collect under its sub-contract with the Enviro KleenTechnologies, Inc. (Enviro Kleen). It was however able to persuade Enviro Kleen to agree to settle its above purchase, but after paying the respondent P250,000.00 once, Enviro Kleen stopped making further payments, leaving an outstanding balance of P816,627.00. It also ignored the various demands of the Parada, who then filed a suit in the RTC, to collect from the petitioner the said balance, plus damages, costs and expenses.

Megaworld denied liability by saying that it was released from its indebtedness to the Parada due to the novation of their contract, which. There was allegedly novation when the Parada accepted the partial payment of Enviro Kleen in its behalf, and thereby acquiesced to the substitution of Enviro Kleen as the new debtor in Megaworld’s place. 

The Regional Trial Court ruled in favor of Parada.

On appeal, Megaworld argued that the trial court should have dismissed the complaint for failure of the respondent to implead Genlite Industries as "a proper party in interest."
The sales invoices and receipts show that the respondent is the sole proprietor of Genlite Industries, and therefore the real party.

On the issue of novation, the Court of Appeals ruled that by retaining his option to seek satisfaction from the petitioner, any acquiescence which the respondent had made was limited to merely accepting Enviro Kleen as an additional debtor from whom he could demand payment, but without releasing the petitioner as the principal debtor from its debt to him.

ISSUE: W/N Genlite Industries should have been impleaded as a party-plaintiff.


Only natural or juridical persons or entities authorized by law may be parties in a civil case.
A sole proprietorship has no juridical personality separate and distinct from that of its owner, and need not be impleaded as a party-plaintiff in a civil case.

Genlite Industries is merely the DTI-registered trade name or style of Parada by which he conducted his business. As such, it does not exist as a separate entity apart from its owner, and therefore it has no separate juridical personality to sue or be sued. As the sole proprietor of Genlite Industries, there is no question that the Parada is the real party in interest who stood to be directly benefited or injured by the judgment in the complaint below. There is then no necessity for Genlite Industries to be impleaded as a party-plaintiff, since the complaint was already filed in the name of its proprietor, Engr. Luis U. Parada. To heed the Megaworld’s sophistic reasoning is to permit a dubious technicality to frustrate the ends of substantial justice.

ISSUE: W/N there is novation of the contract.


Novation is a mode of extinguishing an obligation by changing its objects or principal obligations, by substituting a new debtor in place of the old one, or by subrogating a third person to the rights of the creditor. It is "the substitution of a new contract, debt, or obligation for an existing one between the same or different parties."

The settled rule is that novation is never presumed, but must be clearly and unequivocally shown.  In order for a new agreement to supersede the old one, the parties to a contract must expressly agree that they are abrogating their old contract in favor of a new one.

The trial court found that the respondent never agreed to release the petitioner from its obligation, and this conclusion was upheld by the CA.

Case Digest, Juasing Hardware v. Mendoza

JUASING HARDWARE, petitioner, vs. THE HONORABLE RAFAEL T. MENDOZA, Judge of the Court of First Instance of Cebu, and PILAR DOLLA, respondents.

G.R. No. L-55687 July 30, 1982


Juasing Hardware, alleging to be a single proprietorship duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Philippines and represented by its manager Ong Bon Yong, filed a complaint for the collection of a sum of money against Pilar Dolla. 

In her Answer, Dolla stated that she has no knowledge about Juasing Hardware's legal personality and capacity to sue as alleged in the complaint. 

After Juasing Hardware had completed the presentation of its evidence and rested its case, Dolla filed a Motion for Dismissal of Action for Juasing Hardware’s lack of legal capacity to sue. Dolla contended that Juasing Hardware is a single proprietorship, not a corporation or a partnership duly registered in accordance with law, and therefore is not a juridical person with legal capacity to bring an action in court. Juasing Hardware filed an opposition and moved for the admission of an Amended Complaint to change the name.

Respondent Judge issued an Order dismissing the case and denying admission of the Amended Complaint.

ISSUE: W/N the Court properly dismissed the case filed by Juasing Hardware.


Juasing Hardware is definitely not a natural person; nor is it a juridical person as defined in the New Civil Code of the Philippines thus:

Art. 44. The following are juridical persons:
(1) The State and its political subdivisions;
(2) Other corporations, institutions and entities for public interest or purpose, created by law; their personality begins as soon as they have been constituted according to law;
(3) Corporations, partnerships and associations for private interest or purpose to which the law grants a juridical personality, separate and distinct from that of each shareholder, partner or member.

There is no law authorizing sole proprietorships like Juasing Hardware to bring suit in court. The law merely recognizes the existence of a sole proprietorship as a form of business organization conducted for profit by a single individual, and requires the proprietor or owner thereof to secure licenses and permits, register the business name, and pay taxes to the national government. It does not vest juridical or legal personality upon the sole proprietorship nor empower it to file or defend an action in court.

Thus, the complaint in the court should have been filed in the name of the owner of Juasing Hardware. The allegations in the body of the complaint would show that the suit is brought by such person as proprietor or owner of the business conducted under the name and style “Juasing Hardware.” The descriptive words "doing business as Juasing Hardware' " may be added in the title of the case, as is customarily done.

Be that as it may, Juasing Hardware's contention that respondent judge erred in not allowing the amendment of the complaint to correct the designation of the party plaintiff in the lower court, is impressed with merit. The defect of the complaint in the instant case is merely formal, not substantial. Substitution of Juasing Hardware would not constitute a change in the Identity of the parties. No unfairness or surprise to Dolla would result by allowing the amendment, the purpose of which is merely to conform to procedural rules or to correct a technical error.

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Case Digest: Labayog v. M.Y. San Biscuits



M.Y. SAN BISCUITS, INC. and MEW WAH LIM, respondents

G.R. No. 148102, 11 July 2006.

Corona, J.:

On various dates in 1992, petitioners entered into contracts of employment with respondent company as mixers, packers and machine operators for a fixed term. On the expiration of their contracts, their services were terminated. Forthwith, they each executed a quitclaim.

Petitioners filed complaints for illegal dismissal, among others. The labor arbiter ruled their dismissal to be illegal on the ground that they had become regular employees who performed duties necessary and desirable in respondent company's business and ordered for their reinstatement.

The NLRC reversed the ruling, which the CA eventually affirmed.

ISSUE: W/N the fixed term contract of petitioners were valid.


Where the duties of the employee consist of activities which are necessary or desirable in the usual business of the employer, the parties are not prohibited from agreeing on the duration of employment. Article 280 of the Labor Code does not proscribe or prohibit an employment contract with a fixed period provided it is not intended to circumvent the security of tenure.

Two criteria validate a contract of employment with a fixed period: (1) the fixed period of employment was knowingly and voluntarily agreed upon by the parties without any force, duress or improper pressure being brought to bear on the employee and without any circumstances vitiating consent or, (2) it satisfactorily appears that the employer and employee dealt with each other on more or less equal terms with no moral dominance whatever being exercised by the former on the latter. Against these criteria, petitioners' contracts of employment with a fixed period were valid.

In this case, there was no allegation of vitiated consent. Respondents did not exercise moral dominance over petitioners. The contracts were mutually advantageous to the parties.

While their employment as mixers, packers and machine operators was necessary and desirable in the usual business of respondents, they were employed temporarily only, during periods when there was heightened demand for production. Consequently, there could have been no illegal dismissal when their services were terminated on expiration of their contracts. There was even no need for notice of termination because they knew exactly when their contracts would end. Contracts of employment for a fixed period terminate on their own at the end of such period.

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2015 Bar Exam Results

2015 Bar Exam Results (Released on 3 May 2016)

1. ABAD, Leslie Glenne C
2. ABAD, Rachel Ann Katrina P
3. ABEL, Jhoanna Marie M
4. ABELARDO, Mark Joseph B
5. ABELLA, Sonny Xavier S
6. ABELLANA, Lutche V
7. ABELLON, Mary May A
8. ABIAD, Shirley Ann N
9. ABIERA, Jose Sandino B
10. ABIERA, Rose Anne L
11. ABIOG, Ro Megan Lea B
12. ABOLAIS, Nurhainie S
13. ABREGANA, Dhetty Joy B
14. ABRIL, Donn Ed Martin A
15. ABRUGENA, Ma. Ann Klaudine C
16. ABSIN, Patrick Bryan E
17. ABU, Arik Aaron C
18. ABUBAKAR, III, Ismael G
19. ACASIO, Michael T
20. ACAYLAR, Cattleya B
21. ACEBEDO, Rafael Antonio M
22. ACEDILLA, Salvador V
23. ACORDA, Rosechelan Charity G
24. ACOSTA, Julius Patrick C
25. ADALEM, Jay Paolo C
26. ADAMI, Cherryl S
27. ADAO, Mica Maurinne M
28. ADIA, Iris Jazelle P
30. ADRALES, Judessa Mae D
31. AG-AGWA, Rassel Leah A
32. AGA, Greg Mari M
33. AGADER, Charisse Ann C
34. AGADIER, Ickey Rod T
35. AGANAP, Elizabeth Anne Y
36. AGAS, III, Felicisimo F
37. AGATEP, Christopher Lauren R
38. AGBAYANI, Juan Paolo C
39. AGDAMAG, Joseph Giancarlo C
40. AGOOT, Ryan D
41. AGOR, Ariel L
42. AGSAULIO, Janette I
43. AGUHOB, Rachiene C
44. AGUILAR, Jayson C
45. AGUILERA, Kim Angerie B
46. AGUS, Yehlen C
47. AGUSTIN, Rona Rikka Angel G
48. AIDA, Akemi B
50. ALAGBAN, Aiken G
51. ALARILLA, Francesca Camille L
52. ALBA, Jhony Martin J
53. ALBA, Jonathan S
54. ALBOR, Raphaela G
55. ALCANTARA, Kriseth M
56. ALCANTARA, Raymond P
58. ALDUESO, Hyacinth B
59. ALEJO, Jeffry A
60. ALENTON, III, Gregrio R
61. ALFONSO, Maria Josefina R
62. ALICANDO, Krister Shaun Prinz M
63. ALIGORA, Cecille S
64. ALIM, Mohammad Fyzee P
65. ALIMODIAN, Cherryl B
66. ALIVIO, Hanes Louise M
67. ALIX, Keeshia Alyanna H
68. ALIÑO, Jacqueline Leoncia M
69. ALLAS, Aira Kristina M
70. ALLAS, Lyra Cecille V
71. ALMADRO, Mary Katherine C
72. ALMARIO, Carlo Inocencio F
74. ALOJADO, James Patrick O
75. ALON, Veronica O
76. ALONZO, Fernando B
78. ALVAREZ, Ma. Jessa M
79. ALYASA, Nadjera A
80. AMADOR, Ronald S
81. AMANTILLO, Anne Marie Joy B
82. AMEDA, Kenjie C
83. AMON, Paul Elbert E
84. AMOROSO, Love G
85. AMPONG, Alpha Grace P
86. AMWAO, Glory Pearl D
87. ANASTACIO, Dave Oliver P
88. ANDERSON, Mandy Therese M
89. ANDRES, Robert Joseph M
90. ANG, Jenica S
91. ANG, Marilen R
92. ANGUB, Tani M
93. ANSALAN, Ma. Pamela Aloha C
94. ANTONIO, Mona Liza D
95. ANTONIO, Robinson G
97. ANUNCIO, Rosalyn Ruth S
98. ANZO, JR., Nilo M
99. ANZURES, Jacquelyn Ann Marie G
100. APAD, Rachell C
101. APIGO, Reshel Amor D
102. APODERADO, JR., Ernesto A
103. APOLONIO, Julie Belle A
104. APOSTOL, Danielle D
105. AQUINO, Alexis Ann V
106. AQUINO, Andrei Laurence V
107. AQUINO, Gil Anthony E
108. AQUINO, Shiena Angela DR
109. ARAFAG, Karen B
110. ARANAS, Agnes B
111. ARANETA, Alfrederick C
112. ARBOLADO, Jan Michael V
113. ARBOLADURA, Mary Grace S
114. ARCEGA, Baby Perian R
115. ARCEO, Reginald M
116. ARCILLAS, Rosela N
117. AREJOLA, Ralph Raymond P
118. AREJOLA, JR., Romeo P
119. ARELLANO, Loriejay D
120. ARELLANO, Raysun R
121. ARIETE, Richard A
122. ARIÑAS, JR., Marianito B
123. ARNADO, Sedfrey Jay M
124. ARQUILLO, Buena G
125. ARRIESGADO, Ranier O
126. ARROYO, Laarni Gay C
127. ARTAIZ, Luis Alfonso E
128. ARUGAY, Glory Grace J
129. ASAMA, Jennifer T
130. ASCAÑO, Bon Gerard D
131. ASISTIDO, Andrei T
132. ASLOR, Gilbert P
133. ASORIO, Shiela Mae S
134. ASPILAN, William, Jr. P
135. ASUNCION, Mark Anthony A
136. ASUNCION, Ria Vanessa DS
137. ASUNCION, JR., Dionicio R
138. ATIBAGOS, II, Jose A
139. ATIENZA, Elaine A
140. ATILLO, Maria Olivia Ana R
141. ATRILLANO, Ervin Shaun S
142. AUSTRIA, Jessa F
143. AVELLANO, Jenny Rose G
144. AWATIN, Meliza Ann R
145. AYAP, Manuel C
146. AZARCON, Jerome T
147. AZIS, Jauhari C
148. AZURIN, Paula Beatriz L
149. BABATE, Gerard D
150. BABOR, Mark Christopher A
151. BACANI, Bianca Mae Y
152. BACANI, Luigi A
153. BACULI, Adolf Kissenger P
154. BACULO, Tyron Kim D
155. BADILLO, JR., IV, Avelino C
156. BADUA, Kristine F
157. BADUA, Ma. Jhunelle A
158. BAER, Rizsa Rose S
159. BAGALACSA, Omar V
160. BAGGAY, Joefer B
161. BAGUL, Sharmila R
162. BAKER, Kathlyn A
163. BALABA, Jean Charity C
164. BALADBAD, Mayer B
165. BALAGOT, Jessie C
166. BALAGTAS, Carl Edison M
167. BALAGTAS, Nest Deo L
168. BALAHADIA, Arrabelle Anne Carlene E
169. BALAIS, Ryan E
170. BALARES, Her Lynn F
171. BALAUAG, Kim L
172. BALBERAN, Germarie I
173. BALBOA, Donna Ann T
174. BALBON, Cretchen B
175. BALBUENA, Julius Ceasar M
176. BALDONADO, Kathy Florence M
177. BALDONADO, Nelson Kevin G
178. BALDUEZA, Ma. Luz Concepcion M
179. BALINGIT, Ana Ria G
180. BALINGIT, Jessica Marie S
181. BALITE, Paul Heherson M
182. BALJON, Al Whilan A
183. BALLEDO, Brando T
184. BALLESTA, Ma. Norma S
185. BALLESTEROS, Chelsea Joyce C
186. BALMEDIANO, JR., Jimmy N
187. BALTAZAR, Kimberly C
188. BALUGO, Percival M
189. BALUYUT, Maria Corazon O
190. BANAKEN, Jula A
191. BANASEN, JR., Robert V
192. BANATAO, April Rose Y
193. BANGANAN, Kristen Gay M
194. BANIQUED, Astrid Arielle I
195. BANIQUED, Janet D
196. BANTIGUE, Mark Aldrin Josel D
197. BANTUG, Maria Teresa Margarita Beatriz D
198. BANZON, Kris Marian D
199. BARATETA, Franco David B
200. BARCENA, Hanna H
201. BARCENA, Mike Joseph V
202. BARCENAS, Karl Rainier R
203. BARILLO, Frederick R
204. BARO, Gerald Dick B
205. BARONA, Hera Aiza Marie A
206. BARRAMEDA, Jener B
207. BARREDA, Marie Ronette Salve E
208. BARREDO, Edward B
209. BARRETTO, Eloisa R
210. BARRETTO, Miguel Angelo T
211. BARRIDO, Noliver F
212. BARRON, Anna Lea A
213. BARROZO, Shiela Joanne T
214. BARSAGA, Delbert John Z
215. BAS, Marc Arthur I
216. BASA, Heaven Leigh P
217. BASAN, Emelita C
218. BASCARA, Liselle Angela I
219. BASCO, Lisa C
220. BASUNGIT, Antonio, Jr. L
221. BATAC, Catherine L
222. BATICADOS, Paul Ivan R
223. BATONGHINOG, JR., Minrado DG
224. BATULA, Vanessa D
225. BAUTISTA, Bjorn Jorrell A
226. BAUTISTA, Cecille Catherine A
227. BAUTISTA, Justa Aurea G
228. BAUTISTA, Khersien Y
229. BAUTISTA, Marian Wilma H
230. BAUTISTA, Rodmel L
231. BAUTISTA, Sherlyn Lourdes T
232. BAUTISTA, Sid Angelo M
233. BAY-AN, Jayran Lowen D
234. BAYA, Hanie Lou A
235. BAYALAS, Brendale S
236. BAYON, Paula Bianca C
237. BAÑEZ, Laarni E
238. BEBELONE, Diana Mae R
239. BEBLANIAS-PILI, Retchie B
240. BECINA, Garret Neil A
241. BEDRIO, Julie Ann A
242. BEJER, Jomarie Christie G
243. BELARMINO, II, Jose Amelito S
244. BELDEROL, John Alexander S
245. BELDUA, Kenneth Vincent P
246. BELEN-GARRO, Liddy Jane C
247. BELLEN, Erwin B
248. BELLINGAN, Gracelyn E
249. BELTRAN, Rochezka Bianca R
250. BENITEZ, Paolo M
251. BERGANTIN, Kenneth Yves C
252. BERMAS, Joanalen G
253. BERMUDEZ, Dominic O
254. BERMUDO, Johanna Marie B
255. BERNARDO, John Michael A
256. BERNARDO, Paolo Miguel Q
257. BEROS, Madelyn C
258. BEÑAS, Frediswenda B
259. BIAG, Luigi L
260. BIALA, Dan Paul C
261. BIAS, Marcos E
262. BIAY, Kristian A
263. BIDES, Reden B
264. BIGAY, Daryl Jacob F
265. BINALLA, Jeremy Kay D
266. BISCAYDA, Kristel Joy P
267. BISNAR, Ryan Ric B
268. BITON, Johnbee R
269. BLANCO, Paul Danico C
270. BOAGING, Anthonette A
271. BODIONGAN, Glein Mark L
272. BOHOL, Dennis S
273. BOLA, Lorelei P
274. BOLANTE, Jose Roberto D
275. BONAOBRA, Ma. Evanor B
276. BONAVENTE, Arianne Q
277. BONGALON, Hendrix C
278. BONIFACIO, JR., Romeo E
279. BONTO, Renato R
280. BONTUYAN, Alvin G
281. BORBE, Magdalena A
282. BORILE, Ronald S
283. BORINAGA, Joey M
284. BORLASA, Renato B
285. BORRES, Abegail Mari F
286. BOÑAGA, Juliet V
287. BRAGADO, Cassandra I
288. BRIEVA, Rickee Gerald D
289. BRIONES, Keith Francis R
290. BRIONES, Lorenzo Jared J
291. BRISTOL, Murli Manohar Das E
292. BUAN, Noelle Jenina Francesca E
293. BUAN, Princess L
294. BUCA, Julie Merriam L
295. BUCCAT, JR., Honorio G
296. BUELA, Krisha Marie T
300. BUENO, Karen Ann S
301. BUESER, Jan-michael C
302. BUGAYONG, Monica G
303. BULAC, Katherine Grace C
304. BUNA CRUZ, Greta M
305. BUSAL, Hail O
306. BUSTAMANTE, Darniel R
307. BUSTONERA, Maria Carmela D
308. BUSWAY, Julius A
309. BUTED, Mabel L
310. CABADING, Maria Corazon V
311. CABALLERO, Cliford C
312. CABALLERO, Krisna Samantha T
313. CABALZA-NAPOLES, Maria Annely I
314. CABANLAS, Melanie Mae C
315. CABARRUBIAS, Donna Marie P
316. CABATU, Ricky Boy V
317. CABBUAG, Karla A
318. CABERGAS, Mary Anne S
319. CABILE, Kiarra Nastazsa Adrienne A
320. CABILI, Karl T
321. CABRAL, David Rence R
322. CABRALES, Diana May V
323. CABUNOC, Pearl Joan M
324. CAC, Corina P
325. CADAG, Maria Donnabelle M
326. CADIATAN, Jonah Liz A
327. CADIZ, Jethro Jed S
328. CADWISING, Rachanne C
329. CAGUIOA, Leon Maria Angel P
330. CAGURANGAN, JR., Tranquilino R
331. CAHILOG, Kent Joel T
332. CAINDAY, Jennebeth Kae B
333. CALALO, Mara Erna Azalea F
334. CALDINO, Hannah V
335. CALITIS, Niño Jandy P
336. CALIZO, Ruby Ann D
337. CALLUENG, Rene A
338. CALMARES, Ian J
339. CALO, Ma. Lorena L
340. CALUGAS, Ronelo C
341. CAMACHO, Christopher Renier C
342. CAMAT, Rocel Ann Dolores M
343. CAMBRI, Romar B
344. CAMINADE, Richard Rey T
345. CAMINO, Marie Louise N
346. CAMIÑA, Gerard Martin S
347. CAMPILLA, Adrian B
348. CAMPOS, Martin Rosendo L
349. CANCIO, James Francis M
350. CANDAO, Fahd A
351. CANONCE, Katrina B
352. CAPILI, Amorie Carla B
353. CAPINPIN, Jaymie D
354. CAPOCYAN, Genesis D
355. CAPON, Donn Serpico C
356. CAPUCHINO, II, Hermenegildo C
357. CAPUNO, Raegan L
358. CAPUYAN, Kevin Kaizer Dave K
359. CARAIG, Jane Donna C
360. CARANDANG, Airene P
361. CARANDANG, Nina Herschelica L
362. CARBONELL, Zhanika Marie O
363. CARDINES, Alvin P
364. CARIAGA, JR., Constancio P
365. CARILLO, Palma Clarissa V
366. CARINGAL, Kristia Lorraine V
367. CARIÑO, Charlotte M
368. CARIÑO, Marianne M
369. CARPENTERO, William G
370. CARRILLO, JR., Crisanto C
371. CARROLLO, JR., Clemente L
372. CARUÑGAY, Joy Samantha G
373. CASABAR, Ryan Armand L
374. CASADOR, Althea Mae P
375. CASIAO, Nanet S
376. CASIHAN, Ma. Isabelita R
377. CASIMPAN, Cybele Arianne Lee J
378. CASTILLO, Leah Francesca M
379. CASTILLO, Sherryl Joy N
380. CASTILLONES, Pacifico Ismael M
381. CASTRO, Jennifer Marie G
382. CATACUTAN, Darlene J
383. CATALUÑA, Lesly Ann J
384. CATANI, Ritchel S
385. CATAPANG, Kaye Danica H
386. CATARMAN, Piña Luz P
387. CATIPON, Ivy O
388. CAÑADA, Kaitlin Mary Cor L
389. CEMINE, Vivienne Jonnah R
390. CENGCA, Ma. Kristine Gay M
391. CEPIDA, Ericson T
392. CERO, Iris Fatima V
393. CEZAR, Karen Bianca Angeli S
394. CEZAR, Mark Jacinto D
395. CEÑIDOZA, Kriszanne Cerrise P
396. CHAN, Christian Philip B
397. CHAN, Hannah Isabella P
398. CHAN, Hobart H
399. CHAN, Jan Franz Norbert Joselito A
400. CHAN, Luigine Christi C
401. CHATTO, Ruby Jean G
402. CHAVEZ, Abigael R
403. CHAVEZ, Charlemagne Rae P
404. CHAVEZ, Cheysson A
405. CHAVEZ, Jino Karlo M
406. CHAVEZ, Marian Camille E
407. CHING, Maria Adela C
408. CHIONG, Darwin V
409. CHUA, Angelica A
410. CHUA, Gladys Kaye L
411. CHUA, James Michael T
412. CHUA, Jantzen Joe C
413. CHUA, Jeremy Ryan C
414. CHUA, Kara Mae Aurora R
415. CIMATU, Maria Faiva S
416. CIRUELOS, Mary Grace B
417. CIRUNAY, Sonny Paul R
418. CLAREZA, Kathleen May O
419. CLEOFAS, Benz G
420. CO, Anna Margarita K
421. CO, Jessica Anne G
422. CO, Jon Eric G
423. COBANKIAT, Camille N
424. COBARRUBIAS, Maria Graciela C
425. COKALIONG, Chesna Y
426. COLIS, Roselette Ann A
427. COLLADO, JR., Manolyn A
428. COLLE, Kristine Keith N
429. COMACASAR, Farhanisah D
430. COMAGUL, Aliah M
431. COMENDADOR, Jona Mae C
432. COMIA, Antonette T
433. COMIA, Trixy L
434. CONALES, Zulikha Marie S
435. CONCEPCION, Alain Kris C
436. CONCEPCION, Halie C
437. CONCEPCION, Warren B
438. CONCORDIA, Carlo Miguel SP
439. CONEJOS, Rafael Lorenzo G
440. CONSIGNADO, Mailyn P
441. CONTRERAS, Florence N
442. CORALES, Francis Paul T
443. CORDOVA, William B
444. CORRALES, Marlon M
445. CORREA, Ma. Criselda B
446. CORRIGE, Rency Y
447. COSICO, Michiko V
448. CRON, Clarizza D
449. CRUZ, Christine Bernadette U
450. CRUZ, Giancarlo A
451. CRUZ, Novy Marie S
452. CRUZ, Rheena Lyn L
453. CRUZ, Roxanne Marie Q
454. CRUZ, Tzeitel Christine DG
455. CRUZ, Xinia Carmela B
456. CRUZ, JR., Romeo B
457. CUA, Michael Pio V
458. CUANAN, Arjay Louie Eu B
459. CUDIA, Jane Victoria A
460. CUERDO, Winnie Anne S
461. CUEVAS, Julius N
462. CUEVAS, Leslie Joy L
463. CUISON, Melvin John Q
464. CUNANAN, Marco Polo E
465. CUPIN, Rosemarie Louise C
466. DABALOS, Kristina P
467. DACANAY, Ma. Cecilia Y
468. DACAY, Ernie Jerome Q
469. DAGBAY, Stacykitz J
470. DAING, Paul Patrick D
471. DALANAO, Gretchen Joy G
472. DANAO, Vic Darryl A
473. DANTES, Edmond V
474. DAPAING, Emman Rey F
475. DATU, Sabrina C
477. DAVID, Dennice Erica L
478. DAVID, Mike Gerald C
479. DAYAG, Richard G
480. DAYTO, Mary Grace S
481. DE ALBAN, Marlon Joseph M
482. DE BORJA, Esperanza Angela A
483. DE CASTRO, April P
484. DE CASTRO, Ian Julius S
485. DE CHAVEZ, Karren Mae C
486. DE DIOS, Kennex P
487. DE GUZMAN, Christopher Tom C
488. DE GUZMAN, Daisy Joy R
489. DE GUZMAN, Errica Marie N
490. DE GUZMAN, Jarren Neil D
491. DE GUZMAN, Kathleen Kay A
492. DE GUZMAN, Maria Corazon Y
493. DE GUZMAN, Sabrina Louise M
494. DE GUZMAN, Sheila O
495. DE JESUS, Charisma Michelle L
496. DE JESUS, Ramil F
497. DE LA CRUZ, Fatima Nica Q
498. DE LA CRUZ, Rhodalyn P
499. DE LA FUENTE, Dyan Angela A
500. DE LA PAZ, Anna Cristina B
501. DE LA SERNA, Christian Borg J
502. DE LEON, Diwata DR
503. DE LEON, Jenny Marie T
504. DE LOS SANTOS, Luciliza L
505. DE LOS SANTOS, Marifel B
506. DE LOS SANTOS, Robnette Mae C
507. DE LUMEN, Ramonchito L
508. DE MATIAS, Evelyn B
509. DE MESA, Jean Phebie G
510. DE VEYRA, Vanessa Gaye A
511. DE VILLA, Cipriana D
512. DEHAYCO, Don A
513. DEL CASTILLO, David I
514. DEL ROSARIO, Aaron John D
515. DEL ROSARIO, Elijah B
516. DEL ROSARIO, JR., Rodolfo B
517. DELA CRUZ, Flordeliza A
518. DELA CRUZ, Karen F
519. DELA CRUZ, Kevin Albert T
520. DELA CRUZ, Ma. Gesileth C
522. DELA MERCED, Blenda Czarinne R
523. DELA MERCED, Nicu L
524. DELAMBACA, Francis Erick D
525. DELDIO, Manuel F
526. DELGADO, Alvin G
527. DELLOSA, Mark Kevin U
528. DENTE, Kim D
529. DEOCAMPO, Randeil D
530. DERIJE, John Frederick E
531. DESCALLAR, Hannah Percival B
532. DESOACIDO, James Mareck M
533. DESTURA, Kristina Bianca D
534. DEVESA, Van Lee Roy C
535. DIAO, Jan Claude A
536. DIAZ, Carlo Artemus V
537. DIAZ, Ragesan M
538. DIAZ, Veronica B
539. DICDICAN, Oliver Y
540. DIEZ, Samantha C
542. DIMAANO, Mae Anne R
543. DIMALANTA, Angelica Rose C
544. DIMAPILIS, Jomarc Philip E
545. DIMAYUGA, Leoncia Ma. Cecilia M
546. DIONIO, Jose Mari Angelo A
547. DIRON, Al Hamid P
548. DISAMBURUN, Moh'd Hussein Jaded A
549. DISONGLO, Rose Lyn A
550. DITCHON, Irelan B
551. DIVINO, Lauren Gail D
552. DIZON, Raphael James F
553. DIZON-CATBAGAN, Ma. Liberty Rio P
554. DOMADALUG, Moumina Sheryne L
555. DOMINGO, Julius Caesar G
556. DOMINGO, Maria Czabrina O
557. DOMINGO, Rodalyn P
558. DOMINGUITA, Aladdin P
559. DORADO, Cheryl T
560. DUKA, Gian Jaime A
561. DULAY, Armand Louis T
562. DULDULAO, Christian T
563. DUMA, Stephen John M
564. DUMALANTA, Kristine Draei V
565. DUMASI, Charles A
566. DUP-ET, Carol S
567. DUREZA, Christy Theresa Bernadette A
568. DY, Dranreb U
569. DY, Erik Lawrence S
570. DY, Zara Marie
571. DYOCO, Maria Gracia D
572. ECAL, Erly Z
573. ECO, Christian G
574. EDIZA-ROSALES, Clairol Sienna Marie M
575. EDOS, Jumie Ann O
576. ELAURIA, Erla Rhysa R
577. ELNAS, Karen T
578. EMPAYNADO, Karen G
579. ENAJE, Albert L
580. ENDRINAL, Alvin P
581. ENRILE, April V
582. ENRIQUEZ, Ra Solomon A
583. ERACHO, Marian Kamille F
584. ERFE, Nazi Jester U
585. ERIGA, Ronald Fredric H
586. ESCABARTE, Regant C
587. ESCALA, JR., Vicente V
588. ESCANER, Michael Joseph L
589. ESCOBER, Paulo A
590. ESCUDERO, Allen Michael B
591. ESCUREL, Albert John L
592. ESGUERRA, Dondie Q
593. ESPARAGOZA, Michael Jorge T
594. ESPAÑOLA, JR., Leopoldo D
595. ESPINA-ABELLANA, Christina Angeli C
596. ESPINOSA, Aida Raissa T
597. ESPIRITU, Enrico A
598. ESPIRITU, France Leonor R
599. ESPIRITU, Marie Dainne V
600. ESPIRITU, Peter Guan S
601. ESPLANA, Maria Carla A
602. ESPLANADA-LLANES, Maria Czarina T
603. ESTANIEL, Leo Antoni C
604. ESTANISLAO, William George L
605. ESTEBAN, Fidel L
606. ESTELEYDES, James Bryan V
607. ESTEVEZ, Lara Victoria O
608. ESTILLES, JR., Ronald G
609. ESTIPONA, Joshua Psalm R
610. ESTRADA, Lovely C
611. ESTRADA, Nestonel F
613. ESTRELLA, Jeziel H
614. ESTREMADURA, Joan Janneth M
615. EUGENIO, Bernadette A
616. EUSTAQUIO, Jesse Neil C
617. EXCHAURE, Iris Katrine M
618. FABIAN, Jessielle Ann C
619. FAISAL, Abdul Nassif M
620. FAJARDO, Renee Mark Q
621. FAJARDO, Vincent James V
622. FANGAYEN, Visitacion S
623. FANTILANAN, Chary Lou R
624. FELICIANO, Ma. Priscilla Olivia C
625. FELICIANO, Redentor A
626. FERANDO, Arlene B
627. FERMIN, III, Jann Victor D
628. FERNANDEZ, Jessa Mariz R
629. FERNANDEZ, Maximillian King Z
630. FERNANDEZ, Milagros Katarina A
631. FERNANDEZ, Myra May R
632. FERNANDO, Eunika Raiza V
633. FERNANDO, Jemima B
634. FERNANDO, Lara Carmela G
635. FERNANDO, Mervin Jay R
636. FERRER, Arianne Dominique T
637. FERRER, Euvic M
638. FERRER, Jeanne Carla T
639. FERRER, John Vincent S
640. FERRER, Josephine L
641. FILIPINO, Arturo C
642. FIRMALO, Rebecca M
643. FLORANDA, Geraiza Joy M
644. FLORENDO, Stephanie S
645. FLORES, Donna Marie C
646. FLORETE, Mary Christine Salome C
648. FOOKSON, Clement Bryce B
649. FORMALEJO, Wilfried P
650. FORTUNO, Marienell G
651. FRANCISCO, Caesar Jose F
652. FRANCISCO, Francis G
653. FRANCISCO, Ma. Lani Laurette P
654. FRANCISCO, Marie Denise R
655. FRIAS, Kristina Paola P
656. FUELLAS, Vincent Raymond G
657. FUGGAN, Mariah-janina M
658. FULGENCIO, Alex R
659. GABALES, Gemco C
660. GABAT, Elvis B
661. GACAYAN, Joseph S
662. GALAMGAM, Ariel C
663. GALANTO, Diric V
664. GALAPATE, Erika Krizia M
665. GALLARDO, Enrique A
666. GALLEGO, Arthur Gabriel L
667. GALLEGO, Rajane R
668. GALLEON, Darcee Lois B
669. GALON, Jeric Angelo B
670. GALURA, Ivan Mark C
671. GALVEZ, Genaro N
672. GALVEZ, Kenneth Beneri A
673. GAMBET, Elynur H
674. GAMMAD, Vivien Gay T
675. GAN, Jorella P
676. GAN, Ruby Charmaine U
677. GANAN, Ramon Christopher
678. GANTUANGCO, Gilianne Kathryn L
679. GAPUZ, Golda Julia S
680. GARAY, Florentine T
681. GARAY, Franz Liz R
682. GARCES, Reena Joy G
683. GARCIA, Anne Loraine C
684. GARCIA, Hanna Keila H
685. GARCIA, Jenric Y
686. GARCIA, Karmela Trisha P
687. GARCIA, Kenneth C
688. GARCIA, Maria Jessica Erlinda Angela M
689. GARCIA, Nikki A
690. GARCIA, Patricia Anne E
691. GARONG, Daisy Mae P
692. GARRIDO, Mark Isaak S
693. GASPAR, Maria Paula D
694. GASTARDO, Emildan M
695. GATCHALIAN, Bernard Jonathan L
696. GATDULA, Ann Kathleen C
697. GAUD, Ma. Charisse E
698. GAYAS, Issa G
700. GENCIANEO, Ian Dj D
701. GENERAL, Carol Anne A
702. GENOTA, Mell Anthony L
703. GEONANGA, Ian Michel G
704. GERALDEZ, JR., Norberto P
705. GERODIAS, Beverly Flair G
706. GERONA, Allen Jeil L
707. GERONG, Dael Churchill T
708. GERSALIA, Lawrence Earl Roy A
709. GILBUENA, Darlene D
710. GIPULLA, Leigh Angeli C
711. GIRAO, Christia Sheine E
712. GIVERO, Katrina Kris Gabrielle S
713. GLINDO, Aggy Christine F
714. GLORIA, Carlo Cris V
715. GLORIA, Nadine Alessandra S
716. GO, Jason Edward G
717. GO, Kristine S
718. GOGO, Forcrissa S
719. GOGO, Lee Arvin D
720. GOINGO, Francis Josef T
721. GOJUNCO, Trina Donabelle R
722. GOMEZ, Rameses DT
723. GONZAGA, Leonette Marie L
724. GONZALES, Abbygaile T
725. GONZALES, Aizza L
726. GONZALES, Ariel D
727. GONZALES, Athanasia Zoe A
728. GONZALES, Cler Thea C
729. GONZALES, Jose Ma. Ronaldo D
730. GONZALES, Rionald J
731. GONZALGO, Azenith P
732. GONZALODO, Arnold M
733. GOPICO, III, Aventino S
734. GOZUN, Robicka Mae C
735. GOÑO, Cielo Marjorie A
736. GRAFILO, Sarah Jeanne H
737. GRANADILLOS, Dennis L
738. GRANADO, Lorelee Margaret T
739. GRANTOZA, Charles Joseph L
740. GRANTOZA, Jerilee H
741. GRATELA, Alexxis Monique O
742. GREGORIO, Alvin Clyde O
743. GREGORIO, Barbie Jan V
744. GREGORIO, Emmanuelle Hendrix C
745. GUANGKO, Keisha Trina M
746. GUANSING, Hazel Ritz D
747. GUARINO, Maria Victoria G
748. GUARINO, Michell B
749. GUIFAYA, Florence Kathleen L
750. GUILLEN, Maria Lourdes P
751. GUILLERMO, Marvic Vonn B
752. GUIMBARDA, JR., Rodolfo M
753. GUINTO, Aleli R
754. GUMABAO, Reiland G
755. GUMPAL, Angeli Anne L
756. GURO, JR., Manggay G
757. GUTIERREZ, Katrina Francesca Martha G
758. HABANA, Janeth G
759. HADAP, Nancy R
760. HADJIUSMAN, Jamalodin L
761. HAGAD, Imelda Maira H
762. HALOS, Aeron Aldrich B
763. HATOL, Martin Michael U
764. HAUTEA, Maria Carmela D
765. HERNANDEZ, Divina Gracia A
766. HERNANDEZ, Gertrude Feliz A
767. HERNANDEZ, Giselle P
768. HERNANDEZ, Jedd Brian R
769. HERNANDEZ, Jovelyn R
770. HERNANDEZ, Kym Leiner C
771. HERNANDEZ, Richard A
773. HERRERA, Karla Margarita L
774. HERRERA, III, Ernesto C
775. HILAO, Denise C
776. HIPOLITO, Egm Anmar F
777. HIPOLITO, Kathleen Kirby P
778. HIÑOLA, Vincent P
779. HONGCO, Junnie Vee D
780. HORMILLOSA, Hazel Faith J
781. HUI, Aldrich Ransleigh M
782. IBARRA-SAGAY, Ann Cristine S
783. IBAÑEZ, John Eddu V
784. IBERA, Gerald T
785. IGNACIO, Gabriel Lorenzo L
786. IJIN, Mohammad Ijin E
787. ILAGAN, Kerstin Kaye L
788. ILAGAN, Maria Charis Kay S
789. ILAGAN, Robee Marie M
790. ILAO, JR., Moreno M
791. ILLESCAS, Noel Kris E
792. IMBAT, Oswald P
793. INDINO, Ofelia M
794. INOT, Roneil L
795. INTON, Ferdinand P
796. ISRAEL, Roxan Gracielle D
797. ITUTUD, Judeus B
798. JACILDO, Jecca B
799. JADAP, Daughnilen S
800. JAMILA, Ricci A
801. JAMONER, Paul James T
802. JAMORA, Norman Jay F
803. JANOLO, Celine-maria B
804. JARO, Jan-michael P
805. JAVELOSA, III, Narciso F
806. JAVELOSA, III, Ranulfo J
807. JAVIER, Gemma Andrea C
808. JAVIER, Mary Grace L
809. JAVIER, Ryan Joseph N
810. JHOCSON, Anna Patricia T
811. JIMENEZ, Jason S
812. JOEL, Alvin Divino R
813. JOLITO, Joenifer S
814. JOSE, JR., Andres S
815. JOSOL, John Daryl D
816. JOVEN, Eric Samuel P
817. JUAN, II, Virginio C
818. JULIAN, Nicole Alora G
819. JUMAMIL, Devona H
820. JUNCO, Michelle P
821. JUNTILLA, Edryne Jeth F
822. JUSAY, Maria Christina M
823. KADIL, Kal Kausar S
824. KAGAOAN, Anna Maria D
825. KAHULUGAN, Auda Bea P
826. KALAW, Katrina L
827. KAPAWEN, Aubrey Macnee A
828. KAPUNAN, Ceasario Rex P
829. KARIM, Sittie Nadia M
830. KASILAG-SANCHEZ, Lucrecia Cecilia C
831. KHO, Rhacq B
832. KING, Charlotte Y
833. KING, Clarizel L
834. KING, Kathleen Anne S
835. KING, Keith Elbert C
836. KING, Maximilian P
837. KINTANAR, Paula Carissa V
838. KREBS, Kyle Malachy S
839. LABAJANAN, Michelle C
840. LABISIG, Hansard G
841. LABRO, Jerueh L
842. LABTIC, Clint Octavius E
843. LABUGUEN, Peter Jhon O
844. LACABA, Harold B
845. LACAS, Jose Mari Carlo D
846. LACAS, JR., Pascual A
847. LACSINA, Conrad Smith C
848. LADESMA, Gean Yvish R
849. LADINES, Giovanni Christian D
850. LADOT, Delight B
851. LADRINGAN, Maranatha Praise D
852. LAGASON, Paula Grace C
853. LAGMAN, Kathleen Halley M
854. LAGOS, Marita P
855. LAGROSAS, Sheryl Christine V
857. LAIZ, III, Francisco C
858. LAJA, Lanoel S
859. LAMBINO, Meryllainne Rhacquel DG
860. LAMEN-LEGANO, Florence Gay C
861. LAMPA-MANALO, Nina Luisa S
862. LANTAJO, Czarina Rose T
864. LAO, Niniveh B
865. LAPIÑA, Carmichael C
866. LAPUT, Rena Mae A
867. LAROSA, Raynan A
868. LASERNA, Lorielle R
869. LAUBAN, Norhussien U
870. LAURAYA, Jedidiah Martin M
871. LAURENCIANA, Jackelyn B
872. LAUT, Soraya S
873. LAWAGAN, Roy P
874. LAWAGAN, JR., Guillermo F
875. LAYGO, Annie Grace A
876. LAYSON, Avegail P
877. LAZARO, Jacquelyn D
878. LAZARO, Loralyn Anne R
879. LEAÑO, Maria Ofelia S
880. LEDESMA, Lloyd Paul C
881. LEE, Jeanelle C
882. LEE, Kathleen Sherry U
883. LEGASPI, Aaron Jeric M
884. LEGASPI, Maricris G
885. LEGASPI, Marjorie C
886. LEGURPA, Marlon D
887. LEONAR, April Joy B
888. LEQUIGAN, Kaye Hazel C
889. LESTERIO, Nizza P
890. LEVANZA, Ernest P
891. LIANKO, Kathreen Jessica M
892. LIAO, Kirby Bryan M
893. LIBA, Maria Celirina S
894. LIBERATO, Nathaniel P
895. LIBONGCO, Karl Francis A
896. LIM, Arl P
897. LIM, Debbie Anne Y
898. LIM, Paolo Carlo O
899. LIM, Richard Allan A
900. LIM, Robert Jay T
901. LIMCUMPAO, Benigno Russ M
902. LIMFUECO, Shiella Jane R
903. LIMJAP, Michelle F
904. LINA, Niño Don L
905. LINDAIN, Homer V
906. LITUAÑAS, Mary Rose C
907. LIU, Kristine Jane R
908. LIWANAG, Angeline A
909. LLANES, Chaz Angelo Joshua P
910. LOMBOY, Ana Marie C
911. LOMIOAN, Galao G
912. LONGAQUIT, Daniel P
913. LOPA, Maria Caterina Cristina R
914. LOPEZ, Ma. Carina G
915. LOR, Remfel G
916. LORAYES, Kristel Dominique A
917. LORENZO, Frances Adelaide C
918. LORICA, Juan Paolo D
919. LOZANO, Mark V
920. LU, Rochelle Rea A
921. LUBANTE, Jessica B
922. LUCAYLUCAY, Maicha M
923. LUCENARIO, Domingo Iii A
924. LUCILO, Ivy Suzieline E
925. LUGLUG, Jeremy B
926. LUGOD, Cherry Mae D
927. LUKBAN, Ken Xavier T
928. LUKBAN, Ma. Carmela L
929. LULU, John Albert B
930. LUMAPAS, Nestor Crispin Miguel B
931. LUNAR, Lorena Lerma M
932. LUSICA, Richard P
933. LUSUNG, JR., Augusto C
934. MABALOT, Mc Rhondolf Louie V
935. MABAZZA, Jason C
936. MACABABBAD, John Paul D
937. MACABAGDAL, Joanne O
938. MACABALES, John Gilbert F
939. MACABULOS, Eduardo Danilo F
940. MACALALAD, Cresta Amor R
941. MACALANDA, Marion Camille G
943. MACARAEG, Maureen Z
944. MACASA, Joseph Paul A
945. MACATUNO, Honey Leth T
946. MACOD, Sittie Rainnie G
947. MACROHON, Jenielyn A
948. MADARANG, Jo Ann Frances D
949. MADIO, Joel L
950. MADRILEÑO, Lowell Fredrick A
951. MAGA, Bryan John G
952. MAGALONG, Kristina Louise S
953. MAGBUHOS, Denise Dianne A
954. MAGLAQUE, Lorrielaine A
955. MAGLAYA, Cara Mariel S
956. MAGNO, Ian Alfredo T
957. MAGNO, Pacifico Angelo S
959. MAGPUSAO, Chris-jerome J
960. MAGSAYSAY, Margarita Lourdes F
961. MAGSUCI, Jelina Maree D
962. MAGTAGÑOB, Rosanne Jeli G
963. MAGTIBAY, Ma. Lia Karen S
964. MAGULTA, Lara Angela F
965. MALACAS, Ma. Regina O
966. MALANG, William Russel S
967. MALASAGA, Jay P
968. MALIONES, Karen Mae M
969. MAMACLAY, Rosecellini T
970. MAMURI, Jessica Maria M
971. MANAHAN, Lalaine M
972. MANAHAN, II, Zoilo M
973. MANALO, Jonas Anton M
974. MANALO, Mary Joanne M
975. MANALO, Patrick Austin R
976. MANANQUIL, Unica Amor R
977. MANANTAN, Jenny Flor T
978. MANATA, Lita A
979. MANAUIS, Arjay C
981. MANDAP, Joanna Rizza B
982. MANGACOP, Fahad D
983. MANGAHAS, Rosalina T
984. MANGALINDAN, Carmina M
985. MANGALINDAN, Shalom Joy L
986. MANGONDAYA, Aslimah S
987. MANGROBANG, Cristina Elaine D
988. MANGUBAT, Jan G
989. MANGUBAT, Kristine B
990. MANGUNAY, Ann Margaret Q
991. MANIBOG, Korina Ana T
992. MANIQUIS, Maria Estella M
993. MANRIQUE, Ali Loraine V
994. MANTARING, Jeffrey S
995. MANUEL, Maria Theresa Amor C
996. MANUEL, Mark Anthony N
997. MANUEL, Maxine Victor E
998. MANUTA, Michael Jan G
999. MANZANO, Arnold R
1001. MARALLAG-AVE, Kristine R
1002. MARAMAG, Jeremy Jones B
1003. MARANAN, Maica Maris D
1004. MARAVILLA, Mark Brian B
1005. MARIANO, Paul Webster M
1006. MARIANO, Sharmaine Reza B
1007. MARQUEZ, Vincent Mc Eduard M
1008. MARTIN, II, Lito Paolo T
1009. MARTINEZ, Anna Katrina M
1010. MARTINEZ, Emil Angelo C
1011. MARTINEZ, Krys Valen O
1012. MASCENON, Ana Graciella S
1013. MASONGSONG, Christian Leonard V
1014. MATABAN, Vincent C
1015. MATEN, Lene M
1016. MATEO, Jemen A
1017. MATEO, Maria Angelica M
1018. MATEO, Maygenica A
1019. MATIAS, Monchito N
1020. MATIBAG, Ramon Antonio L
1021. MATIVO, Kathleen A
1022. MATOTE, Sofia E
1023. MAULION, Rynbert Anthony L
1024. MAURICIO, Maria Luisa Dominique D
1025. MAURO, Sharilee Angela G
1026. MAUTANTE, Mariam G
1027. MAUYAG, Rishzmin P
1028. MAWIS, Sara Mae D
1029. MAXINO, Izzy Martin R
1030. MAYO, Carlo Magno K
1031. MAYOL, III, Alfredo L
1032. MAÑEGO, Julius Eleazar N
1033. MEDALLE, Mat Eric M
1034. MEDEQUISO, Gwendolyn P
1035. MEDINA, Angiereen D
1036. MEER, Jose Luis Francisco P
1037. MEJIA, Daryll Margaret V
1038. MELEGRITO, Mark John C
1039. MELOTE, Mark Paolo M
1040. MENCHAVEZ, JR., Eric M
1041. MENDEZ, Arvi Gale C
1042. MENDIOLA, Bella Mercedes G
1043. MENDOZA, Angelique M
1044. MENDOZA, Dionne Mae A
1045. MENDOZA, Frances Margarette A
1046. MENDOZA, Jeffrey G
1047. MENDOZA, Jona Christinelli C
1048. MENDOZA, Kristine M
1049. MENDOZA, JR., Manuel T
1050. MENESES, Kristine Grace P
1051. MERCADO, Jeffrey M
1052. MERCADO, Maria Emma Gille A
1053. MERCADO, Paul Joseph V
1054. MERCADO, Roxanne Joyce L
1055. MERIS, Madelaine Anne M
1056. MERIS, Mary Angela M
1057. MESINA, Karla Eunice T
1058. MEÑEZ, Emmanuel Joseph F
1059. MIGRIÑO, Dexter C
1060. MIGRIÑO, Erika Paola M
1061. MILA, Kathlynn B
1062. MILAN, Joel D
1063. MILITANTE, III, Jose Constantino C
1064. MINA, Madeline P
1065. MINA, Matthew Ryan R
1066. MIRAFLOR, Russel C
1067. MIRANDA, Rachel Angeli B
1068. MIRANDO, Margie B
1069. MOHAMMADALI, Sittie Aisah M
1070. MOHAMMADSALI, Al-azree J
1071. MOLETA, Karen H
1072. MOLINA, Dominico Vitto SE
1073. MONATO, III, Marceliano P
1074. MONTALVO, Henson M
1075. MONTAYRE, Maria Gabriela O
1076. MONTENEGRO, Ryan C
1077. MORADA, Marlon D
1078. MORALES, Monique B
1079. MORALES, Waren J
1080. MORDENO, Katrina G
1081. MORELOS, Michelle Ann L
1082. MORENO, Ericson R
1083. MORENO, Lucille Gaye A
1084. MORTEL, Ana Margarita A
1085. MOSQUERA, Florenz Ross S
1086. MOVIDO, Romeo Manuel Joshua R
1087. MUELA, Carl Rupert C
1088. MUIN, Alkhadri H
1089. MUPAS, Janelle C
1090. MURCIA, Carlo Paolo P
1091. MURILLO, Angelo L
1092. MURLA, JR., Wilfred A
1093. MUSNI, Megan Daphne D
1094. MUTI, Jorhany S
1095. MUTIA, Kristine Mae A
1097. MUYUELA, Fatima Mae A
1098. MUÑEZ, Ramon Alfonso T
1099. MUÑEZ, Stephen Don Q
1100. MUÑOZ, Lirio R
1101. NACU, Mary Grace M
1102. NAGA, Michael Demph D
1103. NAGASAN, Leo Kirby B
1104. NAGASE, Chieri B
1105. NAGTALON, Eryl Royce R
1106. NALZARO, Dalton Dave M
1107. NAPALA, Jessica E
1108. NARCA, Anacelle L
1109. NARDO, Gamaliel E
1110. NARTATES, Grace R
1111. NARVASA, Carlo Joaquin T
1112. NAS, Jessamine Jared S
1114. NAVAL-NAGA, Ma. Katrina M
1115. NAVARRA, Christine Mae P
1116. NAVARRETE, Anne Katherine P
1117. NAVARRO, Jimmy D
1118. NENGASCA, Sarah Jane A
1119. NERI, Jorgianna V
1120. NEYRA, Prince Arthur M
1121. NICOLASORA, Maria Joy Rosario S
1122. NITURA, Enrique F
1123. NITURA, Karla Izavella A
1124. NOMBRES, Josa Mary M
1125. NOSCAL, Geoffrey Angelo V
1126. NOVEDA, Kara Mae M
1127. NUÑEZA, Rosalie A
1128. OCBA, Dejeh O
1129. OCHOA, Randy C
1130. OCLARIT, Eunice Grace R
1131. ODOSIS, Derek J
1132. ODUCADO, Nathaniel M
1133. OFILAS, Cathleen Lezette S
1134. OGATIS, Nimrod V
1135. OLA, Jille Audrey F
1136. OLALIA, Mary Ann P
1137. OLID, Shiella P
1138. OLIQUINO, Lea M
1139. OLITA-CABARLES, Mary Lyka M
1140. OLONAN, Virson Tillich G
1141. OLVIS, Olive Corrine N
1142. OMELDA, Nizza U
1143. ONDANGAN, Jandel V
1144. ONG, Astrid Sheevette P
1145. ONG, Hanica Rachael Arshia J
1146. ONG, Mae Lane R
1147. ONG, Ruth Ann Q
1148. ONGCHUAN, Mary Felicci B
1149. OPAY, Jeff Mikol A
1150. OPERIANO, Lord F
1151. OPEÑA, Alexander F
1152. OPEÑA, Edda A
1153. OPLE, Felix Francis B
1154. OPLE, Mildred F
1155. ORALLO, Joana Marie C
1156. ORDANEZA, Mary Joy M
1157. ORDILLO, Sabra Rachel P
1158. ORIÑO, Ian Dominic M
1159. ORPILLA, Richelle H
1160. ORSUA, Reynold L
1161. ORTEZUELA, Daphne Angela L
1162. ORTIZ, Jaypee B
1163. ORTIZ LUIS, Nastasha Dominique G
1164. OSO, Dominic Paul C
1165. OSTIA-ALBURO, Rizzle May R
1166. OYOS, Gerlyn Fe G
1167. PABICO, Kristine D
1168. PABILANE, Frances L
1169. PABLICO, Rizajane B
1170. PABUSTAN, Sheena Marie P
1171. PACLIBAR, Jeena P
1172. PADILLA, Nastasia Anne C
1173. PADILLA, Ysabel Jean B
1174. PAGADUAN, Daryl C
1175. PAGARAN, Rhyan John C
1176. PAGAYANAN, Renz J
1177. PAGTOLON-AN, Rolando B
1178. PAGUIDOPON, Joanne M
1179. PAGURAYAN, Joana May C
1180. PAJE, Rosalie E
1181. PALAC, Fritzgerald Ace S
1182. PALACIO, Aldrin S
1183. PALACIO, Francis Bernard A
1184. PALAD, Eddie Bouy B
1185. PALATTAO, Rose Angeli T
1186. PALENCIA, Maycee D
1187. PALGAN, Arlene P
1188. PALILEO, JR., Fernando C
1189. PALINGPINGAN, Jordan P
1190. PALLADO, Danny L
1191. PALMA, Isabella Gianna P
1192. PALMERA, Roxannie S
1193. PALMONES, Eloisa C
1194. PAMA, III, Edilberto E
1195. PAMATIAN, Reggie Anne D
1196. PAMINIANO, Mary Cris N
1197. PAMINTER, Angela S
1198. PANAO, Rogelio Alicor L
1199. PANDI, Romdell L
1200. PANGAN, Kevin Averell A
1201. PANGANIBAN, Francis Immanuel DC
1202. PANGANIBAN, Muriel Ielaine B
1203. PANGUBAN, Katherine A
1204. PANOTES, Raymond A
1205. PARACAD, John Mark N
1206. PARAÑOS, Roddel R
1207. PAREL, Prince Ever C
1208. PARILLA, Janice M
1209. PARPAN, Camille Ross G
1210. PARTOSA-AGUILAR, Sheridyll M
1211. PARUNGAO, Edwardo D
1212. PASATIEMPO, Eunice Christine Anne T
1213. PASCASIO, Jarmae Z
1214. PASCASIO, Kristina Karen O
1215. PASCUA, Marvin P
1216. PASCUAL, Honey Vanessa S
1217. PASIA, Laurence L
1218. PASICOLAN, Alvin P
1219. PASTOR, Ann Marie Loren R
1220. PASTORAL, Ma. Lourdes Zendy D
1221. PATDU, Lovely Strawberry N
1222. PATIGDAS, Maria Girly V
1223. PATRIARCA, George Franz Nico F
1224. PAULIN, Ivy Steve M
1225. PAULINO, JR., Rolen C
1226. PAÑO, Maria Janina Rosario L
1228. PEDREGOSA, Ana Mae P
1229. PEKAS, Bryan G
1230. PEPITO, Althea Marie B
1231. PERALTA, Julien F
1232. PERALTA, Rhegine T
1233. PEREZ, Barbie Kaye B
1234. PEREZ, Bryan Alphonso E
1235. PEREZ, Gretchen M
1236. PEREZ, Marjorie B
1237. PEREZ DE TAGLE, Gaston Franco V
1238. PERUCHO, Jeralph G
1239. PESTAÑO, Glenn Allen O
1241. PEÑA, Francis Nico F
1242. PEÑALBER, Amirah L
1243. PIA, Madeleine Andrea T
1244. PIGAO, I, John Socrates G
1245. PILA, Garriz P
1246. PILAR, Gilbert H
1247. PINEDA, Glorie Anne
1248. PINEDA, Roger Arpee P
1249. PINILI, Francis David B
1250. PIO-MEDEZ, Josie L
1251. PITALCORIN, Feona Ivana D
1252. PIÑERA, Eleonor E
1253. PIÑERA, Rene Raffy T
1254. PLAZA, Athena C
1255. PLAZA, Lady Love Y
1256. PLAZA, Rafaelita L
1257. POCULAN, Goldie Love I
1258. POLESTICO, Anthony
1259. POLINGA, Julius S
1260. PONCE, Eumel E
1261. PONGAS, Mike Burton M
1262. POON, Jan Jordan L
1263. POTINGAN, Kate C
1264. POZON, Iris M
1265. PRANGA, Rytchum M
1266. PRUDENCIADO, JR., Reynaldo M
1267. PRUDENTE, Francesco Micael N
1268. PUGONG, Gertrude M
1269. PULIDO, Jerano Paulo B
1270. PULIDO-SADIAN, Mary Grace V
1271. PULMA, Rodel James R
1272. PUNO, Jasmine A
1273. PURACAN, Kristine Joy N
1274. PURINO, Mary Rose A
1275. PUSA, Rommel P
1276. PUSAY, Mary Agnes S
1277. PUTUNGAN, Maria Theresa Minda P
1278. QUERIDA, Rosalyn Mary L
1279. QUERUBIN, Jovy Anne V
1280. QUERUBIN, Reiner O
1281. QUIBIR-MAGBIRAY, Maria Ana Zenaida D
1282. QUIBOD, Kristine Mae M
1284. QUIMPO, Naomi Charmaine D
1285. QUINIVISTA, Kristine Mae B
1286. QUINSAYAS, Joseph P
1287. QUINTANA, Retzelyn Mae G
1288. QUINTOS, Hailin DG
1289. QUIROZ, Bernardine V
1290. QUITORIANO, Bernadette M
1291. QUIÑO, Robie P
1292. QUIÑONES, Nathalie B
1293. RABANG, Joahnna Guia E
1294. RAFANAN, Frodina Mafoxci J
1295. RAMACHO, Nathan Joseph P
1296. RAMIREZ, Angelito Emmanuel V
1297. RAMIREZ, Javierose M
1298. RAMOS, Fidel C
1299. RAMOS, Kathleen Teresa M
1300. RAMOS, Ronald A
1301. RAMOS, Ryan Jay R
1302. RAMOS, Theresa D
1303. RAMOS, JR., Conrado O
1304. RASUMAN, Anisa Hafiza L
1305. RAZON, Loubelle L
1306. REAL, Tara Angelique T
1307. REBALDO, Jude Isidro A
1308. RECALDE, JR., Alberto D
1309. RECAMARA, Julienne Marie C
1310. REFUERZO, Esther Katherine R
1311. REGACHO, Erness Faith J
1312. REGALARIO, Jaime Sandino C
1313. REGAÑON, Kenneth E
1314. REGIDOR, Romylyn O
1315. REGIS, Alain Bert G
1316. REGUA, Steve Russel P
1317. REGUCERA, Rexbelli B
1318. REMIGIO, Kristalyn Karen B
1319. REMINAJES-REYES, Jeri Jacqueline T
1320. REMOLACIO, Noel A
1321. REMOLAR, Joanna Kaye B
1322. REMOLLO, Jo Margarette W
1323. REPOSO, John Philipps M
1324. RESPICIO, Jeryll Harold P
1325. RETUYA, Lawrence L
1326. REVILLA, Dinna Lynn P
1328. REVILLOZA, Loyd Greg P
1329. REVOTE, Allan G
1330. REYES, Ana Victoria B
1331. REYES, Carmina C
1332. REYES, Danya T
1333. REYES, Ernest Anthony L
1334. REYES, Ezra Maica R
1335. REYES, Jonathan A
1336. REYES, Joseph Michael C
1337. REYES, Joshua James R
1338. REYES, Lorenzo Marvin S
1339. REYES, Mattheu Jericho A
1340. REYES, Mervin M
1341. REYES, Odessa H
1342. REYES, JR., Conrado DO
1343. REYES, JR., Narciso G
1344. REYES-PATAG, Lesley Anne Y
1345. RILLERA, Denmark M
1346. RILLON, Ruth Maureen C
1347. RIMAS, Melissa M
1349. RIVERA, Ferdinand E
1350. RIVERA, Katrina G
1351. RIVERA, Michelle C
1352. RIVERA, Paula Elise R
1353. ROBENIOL, Gabriel Antonio D
1354. ROBIÑO, Nile April P
1355. ROBLES, Basilito M
1356. ROBLES, Prince Rayner D
1357. ROCERO, George D
1358. ROCHA, IV, Ramon I
1359. ROCO, Jose-mari H
1360. RODRIGUEZ, Ella Racquel N
1361. ROJAS, Angelica T
1362. ROJAS, Chelissa Mae N
1363. ROJAS, Ralph Anderson A
1364. ROJAS-CALLAO, Annie C
1365. ROJO, Mark Anthony R
1366. ROMA, II, Alfonso L
1367. ROMANO, Edwin E
1368. ROMANO, Ryan Ceazar P
1369. ROMARATE, Geralyn T
1370. ROMERO, Angeli Patricia C
1371. ROMERO, Ralph Christian B
1372. ROMUAR, Ma. Cherie Bambi R
1373. ROMULO, Carlos Celestino F
1375. ROSALES, Giness Marie G
1376. ROSALES, Regina Patricia C
1377. ROSALES, Richard M
1378. ROSALES, Ronn Robby D
1379. ROSARIO, Earl Caezar N
1380. ROSAS, Reeld Holly D
1381. ROXAS, Rochelle Marie C
1382. ROXAS, Roxan O
1383. ROXAS TAN, Vincent S
1384. RUAYA, Ronald S
1385. RUBICA-SABORDO, Charade Circe C
1386. RUBIO, Darwin Perry B
1387. RUBIO-AGUINALDO, Mishelle Anne R
1388. RUGA, Hana Chrisna C
1389. RUIZ, Ma. Buena Magdalena R
1390. RUTOR, Lyndon W
1391. RUYERAS, William Angelo B
1392. SABA, Kayzer Aldrin Z
1393. SABALO, Brian B
1394. SABELLANO, Kenny C
1395. SABELO, Marte M
1396. SABILALA, Dan Bernard S
1397. SACLOT, Jeffrey C
1398. SACOTE, Lilaben A
1399. SACRAMENTO, Patrick D
1400. SACRO, Marielle Kriza T
1401. SADAIN, Jameela S
1402. SADICON, Marianne Faith B
1403. SADONGDONG, Jerome B
1404. SAGPAEY, Jenny A
1405. SAGUIN, JR., Rogelio H
1406. SAGUINSIN, Loraine D
1407. SAGUN, Ruelan L
1408. SALAMATIN, April Michelle D
1409. SALANGA, Rowena Angela C
1410. SALANGUIT, Marian B
1411. SALANGUIT, Maritoni B
1412. SALAPANG, Annie Sheila C
1413. SALAS, Athena M
1414. SALAS, Pearl Joy M
1415. SALAS, JR., Alexander G
1416. SALAYOG, Kyra Vernice G
1417. SALCEDO, Michelle B
1418. SALDON, Christ Shaney C
1419. SALIG, Hyacinth Marie T
1420. SALINAS, Alicia P
1421. SALINDO, Elvin S
1422. SALIOT, Riona Vince S
1423. SALISE, Mary Christine Anthonette M
1424. SALIZON, Benedic G
1425. SALLY, Ferdinand T
1426. SALON, Ephraim D
1427. SALUNAT, Early Joy L
1428. SAMEDRA, Arvy Chris D
1429. SAN AGUSTIN, Geoff Lyn D
1430. SAN JOSE, Riza Kristina E
1431. SAN PEDRO, Jose Maria Ceasar C
1432. SANCHEZ, Alfie Sonia Q
1433. SANCHEZ, Carlo Gabriel P
1434. SANCHEZ, Marie Alexis Denise S
1435. SANCHEZ, Ralph J
1436. SANCHO, Alona Margaret B
1437. SANDIGAN, Ronald Ryan A
1438. SANDOVAL, Anna Kristina B
1439. SANIEL, Jose Ruel A
1440. SANTAMINA, Angelie B
1441. SANTIAGO, Joanna Elvira L
1442. SANTIAGO, Katrina Gynne F
1443. SANTIAGO, Miguel Antonio P
1444. SANTILLAN, Phoebe Samantha A
1445. SANTOS, Aaron Bailey G
1446. SANTOS, Al Marvin W
1447. SANTOS, Christian Lloyd S
1448. SANTOS, Hyacinth B
1449. SANTOS, Jim Joel N
1450. SANTOS, John Terry H
1451. SANTOS, Jose Antonio Rafael G
1452. SANTOS, Jose Manuel S
1453. SANTOS, Karen Anne G
1454. SANTOS, Louie L
1455. SANTOS, Louie Ernest B
1456. SANTOS, Marc Mikhaele J
1457. SANTOS, Maria Irene I
1458. SANTOS, Maricar Jan M
1459. SANTOS, Mario D
1460. SANTOS, Roselee B
1461. SANTOS, Ryan G
1462. SANTOS, III, Lamberto L
1463. SAPORNE, Maria Cecilia T
1464. SARANDI, Abigail Moffait P
1465. SARITA, Cecille Angela T
1466. SARMIENTO, Maria Kristel B
1467. SASPA, Dianah Jee U
1468. SAYO, Patricia Anne S
1469. SAYSON, James Allan C
1470. SEBASTIAN, Bobby Johnson O
1471. SEGOVIA, Maria Cielito B
1472. SEGUBRE, Paolo M
1473. SEGUI, Adrian Donald L
1474. SEGUNDO, Karissa Inez A
1475. SEIT, Jade Q
1476. SEMILLANO, Mipps Mardie
1477. SENAJON, Cristyl Mae B
1478. SENTILLAS, Kenneth Roy E
1479. SENUPE, Ma. Juanna Ester D
1480. SERASPI, Chinky Dane C
1481. SERRANO, Erika Sheena C
1482. SERRANO, Lennard Constantine C
1483. SERZO, Aiken Larisa O
1484. SESE, Rens Gener P
1485. SEVA, Jose Pio J
1486. SEVILLA, Prince Junel G
1487. SEVILLA, Toni Lou S
1488. SIA, Rowneylin SJ
1489. SIAZON, Leigh Nicole TC
1490. SICCUAN, Don Mikhail A
1491. SILANG, Valery Ann P
1492. SILAO, Coravirna D
1493. SILONGAN, JR., Ibrahim K
1494. SILVA, Angelo Joseph C
1495. SILVA, Merlo Vinia C
1496. SILVA, Nikko Emmanuel D
1497. SIMON, Simon L
1498. SINCO, Noel Y
1499. SING, Anthony L
1500. SINGCOL, Anna Katrina T
1501. SINGZON, Anthony U
1502. SINOCRUZ, Fay Kristina P
1503. SINSONA, JR., Norberto J
1504. SIRON, Rafaela P
1505. SISON, Charm D
1506. SISON, John Michael O
1507. SISON, Kimberly Rae A
1508. SOL, JR., Rodolfo A
1509. SOLIMAN, Rhea-ann J
1510. SOLINAP, John Leo D
1511. SOLLANO, Ma. Mikhaella Rosario Z
1512. SOLLESTRE, Sheryl M
1513. SOMES, Erwin A
1514. SORIANO, Cassioppea Jerose V
1515. SORIAO, Howell Ivan Ritche B
1516. SOTTO, Darwin C
1517. SQUILLANTINI, Claudia Gabriella R
1518. STA. CRUZ, Juan Antonio D
1519. STA. MARIA, Patricia Anne D
1520. STO. TOMAS, Jefferson H
1522. SUBA, Nasrifa S
1523. SUGGUIYAO, Amirozelle Katya G
1524. SULIT, Juzzelyx B
1525. SUMAYOD, JR., Alejandro S
1526. SUMBILLA, JR., Vedasto B
1527. SUMERGIDO, Katty Khee G
1528. SUMINGUIT, Ramel C
1529. SUMOGBA, JR., Enrique T
1530. SUN, Jason Oliver C
1531. SUPATAN, Lorena M
1532. SUPE, Mary Hariette B
1533. SUPERABLE, Nonalyn S
1534. SUPNET, Winly Joy L
1535. SURUIZ, Jonar M
1536. SUSVILLA, Ivy B
1537. SY, Jacklyn Kim L
1538. SY, John Habib J
1539. SY, Kenneth Elvin C
1540. SYDIONGCO, Jacqueline Carlotta B
1541. SYSON, Patricia Leticia R
1542. SZE, Maria Lourdes G
1543. TABBU, Ruby Joyce S
1544. TABILISMA, Marlon P
1545. TABOADA, Giovanne C
1546. TADE, Chelsea Raye N
1547. TADLAS, Jed Libby B
1548. TAGANAS, Iris Pauline G
1549. TAGUINOD-MAGGAY, Tshaine B
1551. TALAN, Glady Mae S
1552. TALAO, Vincent Paul R
1553. TALDE, Jay-b L
1554. TALINGTING, Avril Reina O
1555. TAM, Leoni Mae Rubi L
1556. TAMAYO, Karen Rose C
1557. TAMAYO, Vixid Role T
1558. TAMBAOAN, Joan Carmel S
1559. TAMBOR, Jennidy S
1560. TAMPIS, Doris Moriel B
1561. TAMPUS, Shane May B
1562. TAN, Deo Virgil R
1563. TAN, Jeffrey Rod Y
1564. TAN, Jose Lorenzo C
1565. TAN, Mahrra Anna P
1566. TAN, Nico Bryan P
1567. TAN, Suzette H
1568. TAN-ESTANDARTE, Marene Rose F
1569. TANDOC, Mark Haddison P
1570. TANTUAN, Edhona C
1571. TAPIA, JR., Judito H
1572. TAQUIO, Maria Cristina B
1573. TARIGA, Marc Eico C
1574. TARUC, Rhyzzi Celine S
1575. TATCO, Kevin Christopher C
1576. TAWARAN, Jennifer M
1577. TAYLO, III, Jose Herminio D
1578. TE, Jill Angeline R
1579. TECSON, Katherine Michel V
1580. TEJADA, Dan Tristan T
1581. TEMBLOR, Vilmalen M
1582. TENGCO, Sheenalyn R
1583. TEODORO, Pascual Agusto Carlo P
1584. TEOPE, JR., Mario R
1585. TEVES, Maria Althea M
1586. TICZON, Maria Kristelle A
1587. TIGSON, John Benedict T
1588. TILOS, Fenna Marie A
1589. TIMBOL, Rodney C
1590. TINAGAN, Ingrid T
1591. TIU, Jericho R
1592. TIU, Sean Carlo C
1593. TOCAO, Zehan Loren E
1594. TOLEDO, Eleonor U
1595. TOLENTINO, Julie Ann B
1596. TOLENTINO, Lyka Leigh M
1597. TOLENTINO, Rose Ann O
1598. TOLENTINO, Sonby Adam A
1599. TOMBOC, Paul Angelo F
1600. TONGSON, Tristan Jason R
1601. TONOG, Franco Archie N
1602. TOPACIO, Alexandria J
1603. TORALBA, Marty Franz F
1604. TORNO, Jesa Kristi R
1605. TORRALBA, Connie Beb A
1606. TORRE, John Lerrie I
1607. TORRES, Aljeane F
1608. TORRES, Lameriza M
1609. TORRIZO, JR., Romeo S
1610. TOVERA, Marilyn Sharina R
1611. TRAYA, Rex Julius A
1612. TRIA, Dani Lynne P
1613. TRIESTE, JR., Gerome M
1614. TRINIDAD, Peter Neil E
1615. TRINIDAD, Ysabel Fatima N
1616. TRINIDAD, JR., Mario P
1617. TRONQUED, Marlon Iñigo T
1618. TUAZON, Diana Jean M
1619. TUAZON, Jolina Pauline T
1620. TUAZON, Lara Karina S
1621. TUBIERA, Hana Marita H
1622. TUGUIC, Joshua B
1623. TUMALIUAN, Bong Richard M
1624. TUMAMAO, Ramse A
1627. TUMARU, Bernard Joseph V
1628. TUMARU, Karla Mae V
1630. TUÑACAO, Tiffany L
1631. UBOD, Camille Therese L
1632. UGSAD, Francis Bon C
1633. UMALI, Francis Rainier B
1634. URBANOZO, Laird Dionel N
1635. URBINA, Jamila R
1636. URSAL, Ernesto (junjun) L
1637. UY, Josie Antonette M
1638. UY, Martin Juris V
1639. UY, Michael Vincent M
1640. UY, Nathaniel Andrew Y
1641. UY, Paul Angelo R
1642. UY, Philip Michael C
1643. UY, Rona Gail V
1644. UY, Sittie Fahanie S
1645. VALDEZ, Alexis Janet J
1646. VALDEZ, Katrina Grace A
1647. VALE, Dianne C
1648. VALENCIA, Celine Blesilda A
1649. VALENCIA, Charlon Reinier O
1650. VALENZUELA, Cherrie Rose C
1651. VALENZUELA, Chery Sheil T
1652. VALERIANO, Victor Napoleon D
1653. VALLECER-PATCHO, Vanessa Marie C
1654. VALLINAS, Lorraine Jean V
1655. VALMONTE, Leorae D
1656. VARIAS, Varbra Ann A
1657. VARON, Roy M
1658. VASQUEZ, Jimmy E
1659. VEJANO, Marcus Julius D
1660. VELARDE, Jessa Ela L
1661. VELASCO, Andrew O
1662. VELASCO, Gerald M
1663. VELASCO, Paul Dominic R
1664. VELASCO, Ric John F
1665. VELASCO, Richard Andrew P
1666. VELASCO, Venus C
1667. VELASQUEZ, Jed Erickson M
1668. VELO, JR., Rosendo S
1669. VERANA, Ileen Mae V
1670. VERONILLA, Leni Fae P
1671. VERZOSA, Francisco Miguel T
1672. VERZOSA, Patricia Ester R
1673. VEVA, Ryan C
1674. VICENCIO, Jared Cecillo C
1675. VIDAURRETA, Irene D
1676. VIERNES, Cherry Anne D
1677. VILCHES, Gian Frances Nicole C
1678. VILIRAN, Christian DC
1679. VILLACORTE, Ginnie T
1680. VILLAFUERTE, Abygail June R
1681. VILLALUZ, Almera J
1682. VILLALVA, Maria Andrea C
1683. VILLAMAR, Lawrence P
1684. VILLAMOR, Anthony V
1685. VILLANUEVA, Franz Marie L
1686. VILLANUEVA, Joeyfer S
1687. VILLANUEVA, Matt Jayson S
1688. VILLANUEVA, Victor Lorenzo L
1689. VILLANUEVA-ARABIS, Maria Cristina A
1690. VILLAPANDO, Simon Peter D
1691. VILLARIN, Donnie Wayne M
1692. VILLAROJO, Sunny Ray
1693. VILLAROMAN, Gerald Tristan D
1694. VILLARUBIA, Grethel V
1695. VILLARUEL, Rita Odessa A
1696. VILLASANTA, Rosarie Raysalyn Z
1697. VILLATUYA, Luigi Miguel P
1698. VILLEGAS, Levie C
1699. VILLEGAS, Mara Angeli T
1700. VILLEGAS, Mary Louise S
1701. VILLENA, John Mark C
1702. VILLEZA, Lorraine B
1703. VILLORDON, Barwin Scott P
1704. VILLORDON, Vinci B
1705. VINARAO, Jonathan C
1706. VIOLA, Hannah May R
1707. VISCA-MARTINO, Khemle Jane T
1708. VITO, Ma. Fionna B
1709. WATANABE, Yoko Carolyn C
1710. WENCESLAO, Ma. Paula Michelle M
1711. YAMBAO, Juan Miguel G
1712. YANG, Avon Merick J
1713. YANTO, Jennifer Kristine B
1714. YAO, Aislyn Janelle L
1715. YARANON, Andrea Nikka A
1716. YBAS, Randilou S
1717. YEE, Jedd Aldrich C
1718. YEE, Ruddy Allen N
1719. YOUNG, Wesley Jefferson C
1720. YU, Nyera Hyssene O
1721. YU, Ralph Martin C
1722. YUCHONGTIAN, Annelli Jade S
1723. YULO, Judy Anne Y
1724. YUMUL, Maria Carmela C
1725. ZABALA, Raymond Rainier L
1726. ZAMBO, Bryan Anthony P
1727. ZAMORA-REY, Maria Fatima I
1728. ZAPATA, Don Jan C
1729. ZARAGOZA, Israel Jacob R
1730. ZORILLA, Ritchelle R
1731. ZULUETA-PLAMERAS, Jasmin Angeli Grace R
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