Friday, November 21, 2008

Attempt at Con-Ass Once More

A snippet of an Inquirer report, headlined Arroyo son leads Charter change move:
MANILA, Philippines—Charter change is gathering steam in the House of Representatives with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's eldest son, Pampanga Representative Juan Miguel "Mikey'' Arroyo personally leading a signature drive to amend the Constitution through a constituent assembly (Con-Ass).
Time is running out, and Jess Dureza's prayer will (second by slow second) mostly likely be unanswered (we have a merciful God, after all - although Dureza says that God has a lot of sense of humor. In which case, God might actually answer Dureza's prayer). Someone is probably getting desperate to stay in the high chair beyond 2010, wanting to leave no chance to the whims of God. Things can't be left to administration allies in Congress either - they wrecked the cha cha train many times before. Thus, taking matters into his own hands, presidential son Mikey is now leading the solicitation of signatures for another attempt at Con-Ass.  
Garapalan na 'to! 
Side Comment: I love how everyone, except the congressmen, calls the constituent assembly con-ass for short (solons prefer the more dignified consa). Double entrendre, harhar!

Photo: justinsomnia, Flickr, Creative Commons

This just in: I just read Ms. Tordesillas' recent post, right after finishing mine. It says: 

House Speaker Prospero Nograles, who authored the resolution, needs only 15 more signatures to meet the required 175 signatures, representing three-fourth of the House of Representatives to bring the resolution to the Committee on Constitutional Amendments, then to the plenary.

My post was tongue-in-cheek. But with the lower house just 15 votes short, this is no laughing matter anymore.

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