Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bulag Pipi at Bingi

I am still seething over the 42-8 vote of the lower house's committee of "justice" junking the impeachment complaint against GMA. The result didn't really come as a surprise. But still, it is amazing how brazen some of these congressmen are.
In one instance, Rep. Liza Masa asked those congressmen who had any involvement with the fertilizer fund to inhibit themselves. Not one solon heeded the call. 
There is this notion that generally, politicians are two-faced - saying one thing and acting under the influence of another. But our congressmen are of a different breed; they aren't two-faced at all. In fact, they are as transparent as air. They do not bother to hide their partisanship. They don't even take into account the sentiments of those they vowed to represent, choosing instead to defend the interest of someone other than those who voted for them. I repeat, our "representatives" are not two-faced. Iisa lang ang mukha ng mga 'yan, makapal at matigas nga lang.
Before the hearing was put to a close, one pro-impeachment congressman (i didn't get his name) said that some of his colleagues are bulag, pipi at bingi. An anti-impeachment congressman bristled at the assertion, immediately moving to have the statement stricken off the records. I'm sorry to say, but even if you expunge the statement from the record, nothing can erase that perception. Some of them are truly deaf, mute and blind, not to mention dumb. The truth hurts; the pro-impreachment congressman just called a spade a spade.
Photo: Lucy Boynton and Mace2000, Flickr, Creative Commons

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