Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Leadership Change in the Senate

I read it first in Ms.Ellen Tordesillas' blog: senator Juan Ponce Enrile is now the new senate president.
There are too many issues involved here, so I'm just gonna make some observations:
I'm no big fan of senator Manny Villar, but I think the primary reason for his ouster is in connection with the 2010 presidential elections.
With senator Enrile - a staunch GMA ally - at the helm, will this mean less Senate investigations of the anomalies of the current administration?
With Senator Allan Peter Cayetano relinquishing chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee, what will happen to the inquiries regarding de la Paz, the fertilizer fund and the NBN-ZTE?
Senator Gringo Honasan was reportedly one of those who orchestrated the coup against Villar. Insert your punchline here.
It's a surprise that senator Jinggoy Estrada and senator Chiz Escudero voted for Enrile. Political affiliations are really a mystery to me. Is it because of convenience or of principles? Is the preceding question an obviously stupid one?
Photo: Rick Audet, Flickr, Creative Commons


  1. *tee hee* am too shy to insert a punch line *tee hee*

    i think villar's strategy is to play it safe by staying away from making decisions that would damage his pr with whoever. let's admit it, he's a media whore.

  2. Mukhang malalim ito, a. MalacaƱang should not happy.

  3. just a thought: what difference does it make to the country kung may senate o wala?

  4. alam mo hector, parang pokemon lang yan. senator ang evolved form ng congressman. pag ganun, mas malakas na ang kanilang power para ...


  5. btw, what can you, guys, say about the very beautiful prayer?


    any reactions ? :D

  6. @ emmanuel: Haha! Parang "Prosperochu is evolving! Prosperochu evolved to Juanponcemon!"

    @ hector: nabasa ko nga. Why would someone close to the president say that? Agit na nga yung tao, lalo pang pinapa-agit.

  7. should we be reminded that marcos' right man before the Martial Law was JPE?

    how interesting that he's now the Senate President.



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