Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Richard Gordon and the Blue Ribbon

I heard Senator Richard Gordon running the fertilizer fund hearing over the radio yesterday. Presiding the hearing as the Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman for the first time, I think he held his own.
He steered the proceedings well - asking the right questions, pulling the reins when needed, gave other senators their time to question the witnesses. 
However, there were instances when he has gone overboard. He was to giddy at times (maybe it has nothing to do with his new post, he is just plain giddy all his waking life). He also made an inappropriate joke at one point (saying something like: Your lawyer advising you to tell the truth? That's new. [or maybe there is a grain of truth there...]). But his gravest sin in my opinion is when he cut off the witnesses in the middle of the sentence. Maybe he didn't like where the witnesses' answers were leading, but that should be the senators' problem, not the witnesses'. A good interrogator leads the witness deftly, even if the witness throws a curveball.
But all in all, he deserves a passing mark.

Photo: pablo pi, SXC

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