Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Window of Opportunity

I remember when I was a little kid - fresh cow's milk was a weekly staple. They were placed in reused Magnolia bottles, with banana leaves serving as stoppers. The milk had a peculiar taste to it, setting it apart from milk of the canned or powdered variety. As I grew older, drinking processed milk became the norm, as drinking fresh milk became less and less frequent. But its peculiar taste I will never forget. A single drop of fresh cow's milk touching my lips brings me back in time, when the world was younger, without fail.

With the China milk scare/crisis/fiasco/scandal in our midst, it's a great opportunity for own milk industry to make a wave, or even a little splash. It is a given that our local cattle raisers will not be able to compete with the Australian dairy industry. But for heaven's sake - the gates, doors and windows are gaping wide open for our dairy industry players to step in and make a dent. It takes little imagination to market the homegrown, au naturale milk.

Just don't give me that mother's-milk-as-substitute crap (see breast milk ice cream), an idea that is just wrong on so many levels.

Photo: ThunderChild tm, Flickr, Creative Commons

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