Thursday, October 9, 2008

Begging Your Pardon

The brutal shooting incident by Claudio Teehankee of Maureen Hultman, John Chapman and Jussi Leino (resulting to the death of Hultman and Chapman), was one of the most infamous crimes of the 90s, along with the Go-Maguan case and the Vizconde-Webb et al case. The three cases have one common denominator, which is that the convicts were well-off financially. Indeed, many of the convicted persons in the said cases come from de buena familias. Those were high times for Philippine prosecution, because we were given hope that lady justice might truly be blind, after all.

So the executive clemency comes somewhat of a surprise. What was GMA thinking? She is not satisfied with her low ratings that she wants to lower it even further?

But seriously, it is the president's prerogative to give clemency. She alone can exercise that power. That is that. End of story. We really cannot question the wisdom of the president in granting the pardon, however questionable the wisdom of the act is.

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