Friday, October 31, 2008

Of Dwarves and Ghouls

I used to remember when I was a kid, our family would huddle in front of the TV at this time of the year. The reason? Magandang Gabi Bayan's halloween feature.

MGB's halloween episodes were scary, especially for a kid. One week after the watching it, I would still be haunted by white ladies, black ladies, lost souls, kapre, tikbalang and floating coffins.

Fast forward to present day - MGB is no more, and the kid that used to be scared of halloween specials has become jaded through the years. Yes, I occasionally get afraid of the dark, but otherwordly creatures do not scare me as much anymore. I'm actually more scared now of real life dwarves and ghouls running our country. ¡Que horror!

I can't find a vintage MGB halloween special, maybe this will do. I miss the old ones, with Noli's baritone voice, spooky sound effects, cheesy visual effects and all.


  1. Yep.. I certainly missed MGB... last night i was watching EMERGENCY and it's not even close as to how the former thrill and scare the hell out of me.

    I don't even feel the holiday... i don't see any kite's flying, don't feel like going to the ossuary (though i prayed for my grandparents soul already) and a lot more...

    I missed being a kid...i missed those times we spent on the cemetery... collecting melted candles.. non-stop eating of junk foods, pizza and whatever food is available... gazing at different kinds of people, getting together with relatives... to me it was like a trip to the mall!

    Now it's trick or treating... i just realized that we've been traditionally doing it with my son... dressing him up in different superhero and spooky costumes... things that i grew up are now replaced by these.

    And nobody's talking about ghost and scary stuff!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you P.L.S. and to all your readers!!!

  2. ...And making a big ball of wax out of candle droppings... Those were the days...


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