Friday, October 17, 2008

Not Budging on the Budget

With the looming global economic problem, we all have to do our share to ease the sting that it might give. Individually, we have to take stock of where we are. As in my previous posts , I have called for a little belt tightening whenever there is an oil price increase or an economic downturn, as a way of precaution.

That call includes the national government. Unfortunately, that call will most likely go unheeded. As reported in the Inquirer, "the proposed 2009 budget is bigger by 15.3 percent, or P188.3 billion, than the current national allocation."

I have no beef with budget increases if I can see public funds well spent. But if the money will just go to double appropriations, or Oplan Bantay Laya, or Quedancor, or questionable use of "intelligence funds," then forget about it. Slash the budget, if nothing good's going to come out of it.

But if Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya had his way, he wouldn't want the budget to be slashed because such a move would mean "sacrificing economic growth." I'm not sure where secretary Andaya is coming from, but if cutting the budget means less money for Gloria to entice congressmen to strike down an impeachment complaint, or for unnecessary junkets for officials and their entourage, or for the nth basketball court in the undeveloped lands of congressman so-and-so - then let's slash the budget and sacrifice "economic growth" by all means!

Here's a news flash, my good sir: give up the money, because it's not yours. If you want it, be accountable for it. Grow up and take responsibility.

Photo: Bludgeoner86, Flickr, Creative Commons

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