Friday, October 10, 2008

Wrong Turn

As I have said in my previous post, it is the president's prerogative to grant clemency. Asking her why she pardoned Teehankee is like asking her why she prefers her hairstyle, or why she hasn't stepped down. Maybe you'll get a wink (if you're tight) or a shove from a PSG personnel (if you're not). In other words, it's futile to ask why.

But there is something wrong with the exercise of her power. You can feel it in your bones. I myself was looking for the right words to express it. I didn't have to, as Makati Business Club hit the nail right on the head with its press statement on the matter.

Here is an excerpt of the Malaya report with MBC's statement:

"However, in resorting to this argument to parry widespread criticism (in the Teehankee case) the government betrayed a disturbing lack of respect for victims’ rights and the public’s right to information," it said, adding that the government’s "mishandling" would only further erode the people’s trust in public institutions.

"The lack of transparency in the granting of the pardon, given the sensational nature and public attention that surrounded this case, can only lead people to question the motives behind the Arroyo administration’s actions," it said.


Photo: flattop341, Flickr, Creative Commons

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