Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bravo and Gonzalez's Bravado

If a journalist interviews Raul Gonzalez, can we say that the journalist merely becomes a mouthpiece for government propaganda?

In the same vein, if a news outfit interviews a leader of a rebel group, in pursuit of journalism, does it necessarily mean that it is aiding the said rebel group?

Commander Bravo is now a public figure because of his notoriety. It is thus ABS-CBN's duty as a news outfit to interview Bravo if it has the opportunity to do so. It is not the duty of ABS-CBN, as Gonzalez wants us to believe, to give information as to the whereabouts of the rebel leader. It is the government's job to apprehend Bravo, not ABS-CBN's. Thus, what we have here is a case of harassment, pure and simple.

Ans as observed by Barangay RP:
Is the DOJ chief aware that Commander Bravo is not yet being tried and found guilty by a legitimate court? If so, then he can never call Bravo criminal at this point of time.

But if he would insist, then we might as well call the DOJ chief an anti-press freedom advocate.

Photo: Keith Bacongco, Flickr, Creative Commons


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