Monday, October 20, 2008

Philippine Pool's Silver Lining

I drafted this post after the culmination of the WTBC and forgot all about it. I'm posting it now, kasi sayang naman.

As I have said in a previous post, the trouble between BSCP and BMPAP has led to Pinoy pool stars' boycott of the just concluded World Ten-Ball Championship.

But this story has a silver lining.

Because of the boycott, the burden of carrying our flag was passed to the young guns of Philippine pool. Before the tournament, they were unknowns to the casual pool fans. After the tourney, we may be seeing their names more often. The two whose stars shone bright were Jericho Bañares and Demosthenes "Plungplung" Pulpul

I saw Jericho Bañares play, and boy is he good. I saw his match against former champion Thorsten Homann, and he played like a veteran.

Don't let the name fool you, but Pulpul is no fluke. I haven't seen him play, but judging from his finish and the players he eliminated, he is surely a high-caliber player. We may hear from him more soon.

The WTBC showed that we have a deep pool talent in the Philippines, and there are many more players willing and able to step into the shoes of giants like Efren Reyes and Django Bustamante.

In which case, BMPAP's ploy is doomed.

Photo: paparutzi, Flickr, Creative Commons

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