Friday, July 25, 2008

Recto and NEDA

There are many howls of protest when Ralph Recto was appointed as NEDA chief.

NEDA, of course, has not yet recovered from the ZTE scandal. It is now widely perceived as a corrupt agency.

On the other hand, the appointment of Ralph Recto is suspiciously viewed by some as a consolation for him being in the administration's senatorial ticket last year.

If this appointment was made two years ago, this would not cause the same furor as it has today.

After all, Recto is suitable for the job *on paper*.

But more than the qualifications, what is more imperative is for the new NEDA chief to be above suspicion. It is not just about Recto's competence, it is also about his integrity.

So is Recto up to it? We'll see in due time.

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