Saturday, July 26, 2008

MRT Sardines

Metro Rail Transit (more famously known as MRT), running from North Avenue to Taft Avenue along the stretch of EDSA, is indispensable for urban commuters. It provides fast, reliable and affordable mode of transportation along EDSA.

But for the past month, there has been a marked increase in the number of passengers in MRT. This is understandable, because of increasing bus and jeepney fares. Unfortunately, MRTA's service has not improved contemporaneous to the increase in the number of passengers. In fact, it has deteriorated even more.

Whereas before when a train arrives every 10 minutes or so, now you can be forced to wait for 20 or more minutes. I know, because I missed some classes because of this *minor* change. The once-reliable MRT has become unreliable. If you're planning to ride the MRT, give yourself a 30-minute allowance, just to make sure.

But the bigger problem is that the service will probably not improve anytime soon. The Manila Times reports that there is a conflict brewing between MRTA (the government side) and MRTC (composed of private persons/corporations which built the whole thing and own the assets).

At best, "The additional trains are expected to be delivered by 2009 and will be operational by 2010." At best.

But that is too long a wait. Much like the wait for the next train that MRT passengers have to endure.

Let's just hope MRT does not end up like this:Photo: Danumurthi Mahendra, Creative Commons, Flickr

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