Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Enduring High Oil Prices

A funny thing happened on my way home yesterday. I was riding a jeepney when it suddenly stalled in the middle of the road. The culprit? The jeep ran out of fuel. And irony of ironies, the jeep stalled just across a gas station. When later asked by an irate passenger on why he didn't have the tank filled much earlier, the driver just said, "ang mahal na kasi ng diesel e. Nasasayangan akong magpakarga ng malaki." The jeepney driver didn't want to spend too much on diesel, despite the fact that he will have to buy more sooner or later. I think he bought fuel tingi style just to get that perception of saving a few bucks.

But that, my friends, is the big story in the world - rising oil prices. As of now, there seems to be nothing anyone could do to reverse the trend. So we'll just have to endure rising oil prices in the coming weeks (or months! or years!). Inevitably, prices of other commodities will follow the upward trend (Read this post of a Malaysian blogger to know the implications of higher oil prices for Asia). It seems that everything will go up, except for my allowance (and my grades, but that is another matter). All I can do is sigh.

Photo: azrainman, Creative Commons, Flickr

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