Sunday, September 28, 2008

Made in China

China sure is in the hot seat nowadays. First, the lead issue. Now comes the milk issue. Because of these, products with the seal "Made in China" have been viewed with suspicion.

It wouldn't be so bad if, let's say, cars with air conditioning defects are churned out in China. Then our only concern would be body odor. But the production problem of China elicits outrage because it concerns the very lives of the consumers. Worse, it directly affects the children's health, our very future, as one Whitney Houston song goes.

This is another major wake-up call for China. It is becoming a major economic force, if it isn't one already. It may become THE major power in a few years. Is it too much to ask from China for her to act like one?

With that said, no physical/mental defects have manifested yet to me or to anyone I know who grew up devouring White Rabbit candies, with the wrappers, melamine, formalin and all.

Or is there?

Photo: yoppy, Flickr, Creative Commons

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