Friday, September 26, 2008

Charm or Lack Thereof

It seems Senator Miriam Santiago has not given up on her Quixotic dream of becoming an International Court of justice (ICJ) member.

In fact, Santiago's main champion, GMA, is using the administration's latest U.S. junket to hawk the former as a possible ICJ member. Inquirer reported last Thursday that GMA 'unleashed a “charm offensive”' at United Nations, New York to push for the fiery Ilongga's candidacy.

Unfortunately for Santiago, her champion has the charm of a rusty nail.

If she can't charm her way to her own constituent's hearts, I highly doubt if GMA can charm other heads of states into voting for Santiago come election time for the ICJ membership.

So Ms. Santiago, you can kiss your ICJ aspirations goodbye. Now if only Garci will be in UN for the ICJ ballot counting, that would be a different story...

Photo: izik, Flickr, Creative Commons


  1. A DFA official said Santiago's change to make it to ICJ is not exactly nil. She can win the seat if, a big IF, the other cotenders would all die.

    I saw a waist-high pile of info kit about Santiago being distributed by the the DFA to otehr foreign missions. I asked another DFA official why they are helping her. he said they are worried that if she doesn't make it to the ICJ, Arroyo will make her secretary of foreign affairs.

  2. Is this Ms. Ellen Tordesillas? Wow. It is an honor.

    I personally don't have anything against Senator Santiago being an ICJ member. I'd even pay just to watch Santiago in the deliberations with other ICJ members and see sparks fly.


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