Saturday, June 14, 2008

Politics-Free Basketball

I think politics is unavoidable even in a two-man organization. The best step is to keep politics and power play to a minimum.

Unfortunately, Philippine basketball is afflicted with politics of the worst type - the trapo type.

Fortunately, Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas is in good hands. Inquirer reports that Manny Pangilinan kept the presidency post of SBP, which is great news for Philippine basketball. Granted, the SBP had some questionable actions during the past year. But you can charge that to experience. I would rather have Patrick Gregorio's miscues than Luis Villafuerte's leadership.

A Villafuerte-led basketball organization - are you kidding me? What has Villafuerte done in his life as a public servant to give him the expertise to lead the country's official basketball organization?

I'll just give you this: would you rather have Luis Villafuerte as the head of our basketball organization (or any organization for that matter) or Manny Pangilinan?

'Nuff said.

Photo: wili_hybrid, Creative Commons, Flickr

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