Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama is it!

Barack Obama becomes the first black candidate to run for President after a drawn out battle against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's nomination. Click here for the complete story.

The Democratic presidential nomination is a compelling story because it brings to the forefront the issue of gender and race (to put it simply). But if I were to choose, I'd pick Obama over Clinton. I like Obama's message of change and of hope. And his stand on some major issues are pretty sound too.

I admire Bill Clinton for his performance as president (no, not the performance on Monica Lewinsky). So I thought that some *Bill* might rub off on Hillary (no, not the infidelity). On the other hand, Hillary has that trapo vibe that makes my spider sense tingle. Okay, I don't have spider sense, but if I do, it will probably tell me that Hillary is a trapo. It seems as if she will do anything to win - to the point of being desperate. Her attempted crying and *misspeaking* reminds me of someone close to home.... So it's Obama for me.

Photo: jetheriot, Creative Commons, Flickr

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