Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ten Commandments (For 1st Year Law Students)

Photo: Mickelodeon, Creative Commons, Flickr

1. Thou shalt always remember that thy teacher is a man of many moods. Be inconspicuous when he is angry, And laugh when he cracks jokes.

2. Thou shalt not be a wiseass when reciting.

3. Thou shalt not take a single subject for granted.

4. Thou shalt use thy cut wisely.

5. Thou shalt prepare for thy recitations, lest thou art mistaken for a fool when thou art called.

6. Thou shalt not cram for thy exams.

7. Thou shalt not brag that law school is easy until after thy midterm results cometh.

8. Thou shalt not bear false answers to thy neighbor.

9. Thou shalt covet thy beadle's friendship. It is he who holdeth much information.

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's answers. Thrice cursed is he who gets caught cheating.

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