Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Impeaching the Supreme Court

Atty. Elly Pamatong filed an impeachment complaint against all the members of the Supreme Court due to obstruction of justice (setting exhorbitant legal fees); conspiracy to subvert the Republic (swearing into office GMA); demonstration of impeachable mediocrity, negligence, and incompetence ("unlawfully changing his middle name from "Velez" to "Chavez"); and malicious delay in the administration of justice.

Hmmm... So where do I start?

First, all of the grounds stated by Pamatong are not impeachable offenses. He can stretch his arguments and say that the SC justices committed culpable violation of the Constitution or betrayal of public trust. And I emphasize, the operative word here is "stretch."

Second, you can impeach a person, but you cannot impeach an institution. Pamatong cited one of the grounds that the SC legitimized the presidency of Gloria in 2001. But this cannot be taken against the Supreme Court as a body. It must be noted that only a handful of the members of the 2001 body legitimizing the GMA presidency are still in the present SC. If Pamatong wants to overhaul the membership of the SC, he must file a separate complaint for each member, and cite the impeachable grounds committed by each member. Hindi pwedeng pakyaw dito sir, kung gusto niyong maseryoso.

Third, this is the same Pamatong who was declared a nuisance candidate in 2004, and rightly so. The same Pamatong who was named as a "Spike Boy" by scattering steel spikes on the streets of Metro Manila. The same Pamatong who was arrested in Laguna for carrying an M203 grenade launcher, an M-16 rifle, an Intratech machine pistol, two caliber .45 automatics and assorted ammunition. The same Pamatong who just recently filed a case against Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales for alleged human right violations, forcing people to believe catholic doctrines, swindling (tithes or offerings solely goes to the Pope based in Vatican) and for noise disturbance (loud speakers mounted in churches).

But then again, I haven't read the impeachment complaint in its entirety. Maybe he actually has valid arguments. Now all he needs is a Congressman to endorse his complaint.

Takers, anyone?

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