Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Congress is in Siesta

Have you heard the latest news? There are proposals that members House of Representatives be padlocked inside the session hall. The reason: some Congressmen start to disappear 30 minutes after the roll call. GMA News reported yesterday that out of the 240 or so Congressmen, an average of 160-180 attend a regular session. But that is not the shocking news. What is appalling is that only 40 or so Congressmen are still present at the end of the day! Only 1 out of 6!

What is this, highschool? The most delinquent class I've been in had an absence of 20% on the average. Only a select few left in the middle of a class and never came back again. And these are the students of the thick-faced, i-don't-give-a-damn-if-I-get-kicked-out-or-not-since-I'm-not-paying-for-my-
tuition-anyway variety.

But that is a poor analogy, you might say. There is no comparing between school and Congress. Congress is serious business.

But that is precisely the point. Congress IS serious business. It should not be taken lightly. Aren't we deep in sh*t enough for Congressmen not to care? Do the congressman have to be offered an envelope containing P500k every time just to lure them to Batasan? What callousness.

What's new, you ask? This is Congress, after all. Maybe it's not news after all.

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