Monday, March 16, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Remember when Bush went here on a State visit about 6 years ago. GMA was so happy about it that she decided to renege on her promise before Jose Rizal's monument not to run for presidency. She believed Bush's unofficial anointing would be enough reason to break her word.

If GMA took advantage of every exposure she had with bumbling Bush (she and her countrymen being the butt of Bush's jokes, notwithistanding), what more of a popular U.S. president in the person of Obama?

A news report says that GMA was giddy after talking to Obama over the phone, with the conversation revolving mainly around the VFA. And I'm sure that GMA's men will milk this event and portray the two presidents as best buddies (or something to that effect). But really, what's the fuss? Obama spoke not just with GMA that day. He also talked to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia and to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. In other words, Obama was just doing his presidential duty of checking up on his country's "allies" - nothing more to it.

Furthermore, the phone call doesn't change the fact that VFA is grossly against our favor. The Inquirer report said it best:
[Palawan Rep. Abraham] Mitra said Obama’s charm did not boost the merits of having a VFA.

"His blackberry call might be a special moment for the President but it should not trigger a euphoric celebration for the rest of us. The US can invoke the VFA when it suits them but in the same vein, they can disown it when it threatens their interest as in the case of Smith. If Obama had told the President that Smith will be turned over to us, then that would have made our day, a change in policy that we could believe in," said Mitra in a text message.

Photo: Enrique Dans, Flickr, Creative Commons

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