Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Automated Elections in 2010

At long last, we'll be having computerized elections nationwide come 2010.
It's good to finally do away with manual counting. It is highly susceptible to manipulation, not to mention grossly inefficient. So the full automation is welcome news indeed.
There are still concerns about the new system Senator Chiz Escudero has this to say:
I am not willing to spend even a single centavo for a system which is not tested, for a system we cannot even describe or define, or a system that we’re not even sure of delivering a clean, honest and fair election.
Which is a perfectly valid point. But I think that it is better to have computerized elections in 2010 than continue with our old ways. This is one instance where the cost is immaterial. If we find out that the system falls short of expectations, then we will have to find a suitable one come the next elections. But to continue with manual counting is unacceptable. We have to start sometime, Why not now?
There are also concerns that cheating will still continue despite the new system. Realistically speaking, I think it's highly improbable that cheating will be totally eradicated. But at least it will be greatly minimized. While there are fears that the wrong contractor will be chosen, or that the system chosen will still be vulnerable to manipulation. But I think COMELEC Commissioner Jose Melo has enough credibility and has proven competency for the job ahead.

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  1. this computerized counting of votes is indeed a welcome development.

    dayaan sa eleksiyon? expected naman na may maririnig kang ganyan. dahil dito sa Pilipinas, walang natatalo sa eleksiyon.

    Yung mga hindi nananalo, sinasabing dinaya sila.

  2. Hehe, siguro nga kahit sa 2010 maririnig pa rin natin yan.

  3. I agree that we should risk an untried, untested system over having a tried and tested system of subverting the people's will by manual counting. There's still time to test the system, too.

    It's the same way I am willing to vote for the most qualified, humble, honest persons who will throw their hats into the political ring in the 2010 elections over all those currently holding positions of authority in the country who have a track record of dishonestly and/or incompetence. Just think, the senators and congressmen have been there for years, but nothing has improved.

    We also have a proposal for voting by sms, campaigning pinoy big brother style, and other electoral reforms that will limit candidate spending here:

    Thanks for allowing me to take up this much space :)


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