Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's the Economy, Stupid

I've been out of the loop these past few weeks. I am ever aware of the news hogging the headlines, but I feel I have nothing substantial to add. The major issue in my mind is, of course, the raging worldwide economic crisis. We are very much vulnerable to this, as can be seen by the recent spate of lay-offs and plant/factory closures. I thought a few months ago that we can roll with the waves. But that doesn't seem so at the moment.
The contractor mess and the recently resurfaced (but ever-present) drug problem are matters of national concern, but they seem to be trivial compared to the looming economic doom. Can we afford a recession right now? Can we afford more job cuts amid the rising consumer prices?
What will happen to Ramdam ang Kaunlaran?

Photo: woodley wonderworks, Flickr, Creative Commons

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  1. nung isang linggo pa OT ang press office ni gloring para maka-isip ng bagong tag line. patented na raw kasi ni matt groening yung 'Du'oh!'


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