Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Look at Justice Diosdado Peralta

Diosdado Peralta was recently sworn in to become the newest member of the Supreme Court. 
He might be more popularly known as a member of the Sandiganbayan division which found Joseph Estrada guilty of plunder (For those  who watched the promulgation of the decision, he was the sloucher, although he explained later on that he had nonchalant posture because he was trying to mask his nervousness). The monumental decision showed that Peralta (as well as Justices De Castro and Villaruz) is not afraid to render controversial decisions.
He is also well known in legal academic circles. The sough after Peralta notes go the rounds whenever Bar season arrives. His review classes are always packed. Former students swear that they left his classes wiser, although they gripe that the good Justice does not hesitate to flunk a student or two.
But will he unabashedly and unfairly side with whatever case is lodged against his appointer? That I do not know. There are reports that he has ties with GMA, although we have yet to see if it will affect his decision-making.
In any case, I'm glad that he is the one chosen, instead of some of the nominees who have nothing  to show but their credentials and unwavering fealty to the current administration.
Photo: nyghtowl, Flickr, Creative Commons

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