Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Holidays?

R.A. 9492 makes the dates of some holidays movable, "Provided, That for movable holidays, the President shall issue a proclamation... the specific date that shall be declared as a nonworking day."

In relation to this, GMA issued Proclamation no. 1463.

Said Proclamation decrees (among others) that Labor Day will be celebrated tomorrow, May 1, which is a Thursday. In contrast, Independence Day, historically set on June 12, will be celebrated on June 9 (Monday). Also, December 26 and 29 are declared Special (non-working) days.

My first concern is that why is Labor Day going to be celebrated on May 1, its original date, while Independence Day won't be? I mean, isn't moving Labor Day on a Friday more logical? Labor Day is, after all, for the benefit of the laborers. So why not give them a long weekend?

My second concern is about the criteria of GMA in moving (or in not moving) the dates of the holidays. Why was the Labor Day celebration last year moved, while this year it won't be? Is it about holiday economics? Political survival? Is it just an oversight? What?

My third concern is about the December 26 and 29 as special days. What does Special (non-working) day mean anyway? Are the dates going to be special holidays? What will employees get if they suffer to work on the said dates? Is GMA allowed to declare that a particular date be a special holiday?

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