Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ano Raw?

This is taken from the film Animal Crackers (1930). It really cracked me up when I read this. There are lawyers I know who write like this.

Honorable Charles H. Hungadunga
c/o Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga, & McCormack,


In re yours of the 5th inst., yours to hand and beg to rep., brackets, that we have gone over the ground carefully and we seem to believe, i.e., to wit., e.g., in lieu, that despite all our precautionary measures which have been involved, we seem to believe that it is hardly necessary for us to proceed unless we receive an ipso facto that is not neglible at this moment, quotes, unquotes, and quotes.

Hoping this finds you, I beg to remain, as of June 9, cordially yours,


Letter to his lawyer, dictated by Captain Spaulding
to his secretary Horatio Jamison

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