Tuesday, April 7, 2015

B.M. No. 2872 (In Re: 2015 Bar Examinations)



Please take notice that the Court en banc issued a Resolution dated MARCH 10, 2015, which reads as follows:

"B.M. No. 2872 (In Re: 2015 Bar Examinations).- Acting on the Letter dated February 23, 2015 of Atty. Maria Cristina B. Layusa, Deputy Clerk of Court and Bar Confident, and upon the recommendation of Associate Justice Teresita J. Leonardo-De Castro, Chairperson, 2015 Committee on Bar Examinations, the Court Resolved to APPROVE the following:

      (a) conduct of the 2015 Bar Examinations on November 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2015;

      (b) holding of the said examinations at the University of Santo Tomas in España, Manila;

      (c) acceptance of the applications to take the 2015 Bar Examinations starting June 15, 2015 anti ending on July 31, 2015 without any extension; and

      (d) negotiation by the Bar Confidant with the University of Santo Tomas for the use of the latter's campus and facilities for the subject Bar Examinations.

The Court further Resolved to REFER the Letter dated February 23, 2015 of Atty. Layusa regarding the procurement of digital duplicators and collating machines to the PROCUREMENT PLANNING COMMITTEE for appropriate action." (adv45)

Very truly yours,

Clerk of Court


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