Friday, May 1, 2009

Shooting the Messenger

Isn't it ironic that in this country, the whistle blowers are, more often than not, incarcerated; while the target of the expose roam freely in to do continue wreaking havoc in this land?
Such is the case of Jun Lozada, the whistleblower in the NBN-ZTE deal. He did everything he could do create awareness of the scam, and he did everything he could do protect himself from harm. And yet, he finds himself on the wrong end of the deal by having a perjury charge lodged against him.

Yesterday's Philippine Star's editorial is right on point:
Rodolfo Lozada Jr. can surely afford to post the minimal bail bond needed in a criminal case filed against him. But Lozada's refusal to post bail drives home one point: there are many individuals who should be behind bars or at least on trial in connection with the broadband network deal between the government and China's ZTE Corp. So who gets a warrant of arrest first? The whistle-blower.

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