Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I was bloghopping the other day and I came across Mrs S, M.D.'s post about an incident involving an arrogant local politician. Curious, I clicked on the link which led me to Bambee de la Paz's blog.

I felt pure outrage after reading the blog (Paraphrasing Bambee's post would do injustice to the story. I highly recommend that you read it for yourself). What is it with these "bigwigs" who think that everyone else should bow before them?

Sure, the unheard-of-but-now-infamous mayor (Hindi ba kita kilala? Hindi. Ako, hindi mo ko kilala? Hindi rin? O, pareho lang tayo. Now STFU!) may not have been the one to initiate the physical altercation. But come on! The mayor and his goons against two men - one past his physical prime, the other an adolescent kid? As a "public servant," the mayor should have taken the high road;but I guess that is asking too much from him.

This should not be left unresolved, for the sake of the de la Pazes and the rest of all of us "small people." Criminal sanctions should be meted to this small-town mayor and his cohorts. A pipe dream? Let's hope not.

As for the mayor's father, he should resign from his cabinet post; sense of propriety dictates so. Or is propriety among our "public servants" a misnomer?

Photo: Todd H. Page, Flickr, Creative Commons

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  1. There are a lot of things to be outraged about. I wonder if you've heard of the activism of Juana Change.

    Cheers and good blogging as always.


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