Monday, August 4, 2008

Bayani Posters in Nueva Ecija

It's bad enough that MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando's posters are all around Metro Manila. But Bayani posters in Nueva Ecija?

First off, MMDA's jurisdiction is only within Metro Manila, kaya nga Metro Manila Development Authority, di ba? Assuming for the sake of argument that it's ok to post Bayani billboards all around the Metro, Bayani has no business posting his billboards in the provinces. Let's just hope that Bayani is shelling out his own money for the posters.

But even granting that he is spending his own money for the posters, it's clearly an act of early electioneering which leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Mr. Fernando, do your job as an MMDA well, and people will see the results. If we like what you're doing as an MMDA chair, then we will vote for you. But this kind of early electioneering is a real turn off. People can clearly see through the cheap tricks, and it's hurting your chances for 2010 more than it is helping you.

Nota Bene: this goes out to other politicians who are likewise advertising themselves as early as now in preparation for the 2010 elections.

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